Top 15 most Populated Cities in the world – From 1950 to 2030

Which are the 15 cities in the world with the most inhabitants? How have these cities changed? Which were the cities with the most inhabitants in 1950 and which will be in 2030? In this new article an in-depth look at the top 15 most populous cities in the world. Top 15 most Populated Cities in the world.

In 2030, Greater Tokyo Area will exceed 37 million inhabitants

What will be the Top 15 most Populated Cities in the world in 2030? According to data from the Greater London Authority (GLA) the “Greater Tokyo”, the capital of Japan, will exceed 37 million inhabitants. A growth of more than 3 times compared to almost 12 million inhabitants in 1950. In second place, also in 2030, there will be Delhi, the capital of India. The metropolitan area will reach 36 million inhabitants. Delhi that appears in the top 15 only from 1987 onwards when it had 8.361 million inhabitants. In third place instead Shanghai, in China, which in 2030 will have an estimated 30.751 million inhabitants. The area of Shanghai, as for that of Delhi, has not always been in the top 15, on the contrary. Shanghai with 9.361 million inhabitants has been in the top 15 only since 1992.

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World population by region – 1820 to 2019

But how much has the world population grown since 1820 to the present day? In 1820 the world population was just over one billion. In 2019 the world population is 7.55 billion. Most of the inhabitants of the planet reside in Asia with 4.52 billion inhabitants. In second place is Africa with 1.24 billion and in third place is Europe with 745.41 million inhabitants. In general, all continents have increased, including Oceania, which has gone from 832.702 thousand inhabitants in 1820 to 41.57 million in 2018.

Data source: Our World in Data, Greater London Authority

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