Top 15 Nations by Life Expectancy – From 1880 to 2019

Which are the 15 nations in the world with the highest life expectancy? How has life expectancy changed in the major countries? In this article, a new in-depth look at this topic.

Life Expectancy in the World

At what age on average did people die in 1770? According to Un Population Division (2019 data) the average life expectancy in the world was 28.7 years. In 2015, life expectancy worldwide grew by 250%. In fact, on average, life expectancy worldwide is 71.7 years. A growth that has developed from the twentieth century onwards and especially after the Second World War.

Top 15 Nations by Life Expectancy

But which are the 15 nations in the world where you live the most?
Monaco, San Marino and Hong Kong are in 2019 the nations where you live the most. Obviously one must consider how Monaco and San Marino have very few inhabitants. But in general in Monaco you live on average up to 86.75 years. In San Marino 84.97 and Hong Kong 84.86 years. Following the first country is Japan with 84.63 years and Switzerland with 83.78. In general, life expectancy in all top 15 countries exceeds 82.53 years. If we go to see at the beginning of the video, in 1880, the first 15 nations in the world see as the first was Novergia with 51.89 years. The fifteenth nation in 1880 was Argentina with 33.1 years. In 140 years not only the ranking has changed but the age of life expectancy has risen a lot.

Life Expectancy Map

Expectation in the world in a map. In this case, the data are updated to 2000. It is interesting to see the distribution by Continent.

Life expectancy in the 5 Continents from 1950 to 2019

But how has life expectancy changed in the 5 continents? In Africa, for example, from a life expectancy of 36.45 years to 63.17 years in 2019. A growth of 27 years on average in just 69 years. There was also strong growth in Asia where life expectancy increased from 41.12 years to 73.59 years with a growth of over 32 years. Europe, America and Oceania today have more or less the same life expectancy, the one with the greatest increase has been Oceania, which has grown from 57.73 years to 78.71 years. Oceania has thus surpassed Europe which in 2019 has a figure of 78.59 years. The Americas, on the other hand, today have a figure of 76.84 years. It will be interesting to see with the new data if the Coronavirus (here the daily data) has had an effect on world life expectancy or not.

Life expectancy from 2020 to 2100

What will be the life expectancy between now and 2100? According to “UN DESA” and the elaborations of “Statista“, the life expectancy in 2100 will reach 81.69 years. A very high figure compared to today: in just 80 years life expectancy will increase by about 10 years.

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