Covid-19 Daily New Cases by Country

Which are the states with the highest number of daily cases of Covid-19? How is the virus developing in the world’s largest countries? In which areas of the planet are there the most cases? In this article you will find a new in-depth look at the cases of Coronavirus.

The 15 States in the world with the highest number of daily cases of Covid-19 from March to 25 August

On 25 August the total new cases of Coronavirus were 248,166. Of these, more than 60% were registered in India, Brazil and the United States. In fact, since June, after the decrease in daily cases in Russia, these three states are the top three in terms of number of daily cases. On 25 August only India had more than 25% of cases. Brazil 46.959 and the United States over 40 thousand. These three states are followed by 3 Latin American countries. Colombia, Argentina and Peru. To follow: Russia, Mexico, France, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Spain and Iran.

In Europe contagions are rising again

Spain, for example, yesterday had a total of + 2,415 cases. France over 3,000 with a growth of +3,304 cases. The figures are still low compared to those seen in March and April, but it is worrying how the figures are growing. The data on Africa is also interesting: total cases in this part of the world yesterday were +6,662. Most of them were in South Africa +1567; Ethiopia +1.545; Morocco +1.276.

Continents with the highest number of Covid-19 cases

In total, 24,051,170 cases of Coronavirus have been verified worldwide. North America is first in number of cases with 7,038,135 with only the United States with 5,955,728 total cases. Asia is in second place with 6,475,689 with India having 3,231,754 cases. South America follows with 5,894,084 cases and Europe with 3,407,333. In penultimate position Africa with 1,207,623 cases and finally Oceania with 27,585 cases.