Top 15 Nations by Meat Consumption per Person

Has daily meat consumption increased over the years? If so, which are the 15 countries where more meat is consumed from 1961 to 2013? What is the average consumption? In this article you will learn more about meat consumption worldwide and in the top 15 countries.

The 15 Nations where most meat is eaten

Which are the 15 nations in the world where most meat is eaten? Thanks to the data available in the FAO database it is possible to analyse this phenomenon. The top 3 countries in 2013 for annual meat consumption in kg are Australia, USA and Argentina. In Australia, annual meat consumption reaches 116 kg, in the United States of America 115 kg. In Argentina about 107 kg. If we take as reference the United States of America in 1961 the annual meat consumption per person was 88.65 kg. In just over 50 years, therefore, the increase has been 26 kg per person. A very high increase if we consider that in the United States the population is 328 million inhabitants.

Meat consumption in the world

In all 5 continents in the world meat consumption has increased. In the world, for example, it has gone from 23.08 kg per person in 1961 to 43.22 kg per person. An increase of almost 100% in 52 years. In Asia the percentage increase has been very high. From 5.33 kg in 1961 to 32.55 kg in 2013, an increase of over 600%. In Africa there has also been an increase in consumption, but limited. From 13.44 kg in 1961 to 19.01 kg in 2013. Returning instead to America and Europe: America grew very strongly in the 1990s and 2000s, reaching 86.94 kg in 2013. Europe, on the other hand, had a very strong increase until the ’90s, reaching 79.69 kg per person. In 2013, however, meat consumption per person fell to 77.34 kg.

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Source: FAO