Covid-19 Cases in U.S. – Analysis with Bar Chart

In the United States the 6 million cases of Coronavirus have been overcome a few days ago. In this article/deepening we will see how the cases are distributed on a territorial level. Which are the 15 states where there are more cases? Are the total cases increasing? How many cases does the USA have compared to other countries? Covid-19 Cases in U.S.

The 15 States with the highest number of Covid-19 cases

As of August 30, 2020 the first state in America by number of cases of Covid-19 is California. California, with a total population of over 38 million inhabitants, has 705,866 cases to date. In second place is Texas with 638,947 cases. Texas is the second state for number of inhabitants. In third place is Florida, which has surpassed New York a few weeks ago for the number of cases of Covid-19. In Florida in fact the cases are in total 621,586. New York, which for many weeks has remained before, the cases have slowly stopped and despite being the third state by population, now NY is in fourth position as number of cases of Covid-19. In general these top 4 states reach 2,428,774 cases and almost 40% of the total.

Over 6 million cases of Covid-19 in the U.S.

As said in the United States of America the cases of Coronavirus are 6,173,236. But how many cases are there compared to other countries in the world? From the pie chart you can see the comparison of the first 5 countries for cases of Covid-19 vs. the rest of the world. As you can see almost 25% of the total number of cases is in the USA. Brazil (yellow color) has a good slice and so does India. The fourth and fifth states (Russia and Peru) also have a good slice. From the graph you can see however that the first 3 states have more than 50% of the world cases of Coronavirus.

The 5 states with the highest number of cases are those with the highest number of victims from Covid-19?

Are the first 5 countries per case also the number of victims for Covid-19? And how much do the first 5 nations per Covid-19 cases “weigh” on the total number of Covid-19 victims? While for the top 3 countries in the world in terms of number of cases, U.S. Brazil and India are also the top 3 countries in terms of number of victims, the discourse changes for Russia and Peru. Russia which has 990.326 is the 12th country for Covid victims with 17.093. Peru which is the fifth nation for cases is the ninth nation for victims with 28,788. How come? The factors are many: the average age of the population, the registration by the states as victims of Covid-19 or other diseases, etc.. In general, however, while the cases in the first 5 states exceed 50% in the case of the victims, the speech changes.

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