Top 15 Nations by Fish Consumption per Person

Which are the 15 countries in the world where the most fish is consumed per person in kg? Has fish consumption increased or decreased over the years? In this article an in-depth look at the consumption of fish and seafood in the world. Below Top 15 Nations by Fish Consumption per Person.

Top 15 Nations by Fish and Seafood consumption in the world

What are the top 15 countries for fish consumption in the world? In 2013 the first country for fish and seafood consumption are the Maldives. The annual consumption in this country per person in kg is almost 185kg per year. In second place is Iceland with almost 92 kg. In third place is Malaysia with almost 59 kg. Among the first 15 countries in the world it is interesting to notice that there is also China that entered in the Top 15 only in the last years.

The world consumption of fish

How has the consumption of fish and seafood changed in the world from 1961 to 2013? Compared to 1961 the data of the 5 continents are increasing. Among the 5 continents the one with the highest consumption is Oceania that in 2013 has an average consumption of 26.97 per person. In second place follows Europe with 21.95kg and Asia with 21.43kg. America and Africa are behind with 14.20kg and 10.77kg per person. As well as for meat consumption (here the in-depth article) Asia is the continent with the highest increase. Compared to 7.81kg in 1961 in 2013 it reached 21.43kg per person per year. An increase of almost +300%. Different discourse for Europe where consumption has fallen and risen several times. In 1916 the consumption of fish in Europe was 22.54 kg while in 2013 is 21.85 kg.

Data source: FAO

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