The Popularity of Online Casinos Across the World.

Online casinos have become very popular over the last few years, gathering millions of searches from all over the globe. Some places and populations are more interested than others, however, so we have crunched the numbers below to find out which.

Here you’ll find the top countries that are most interested in these iGaming sites and information surrounding the broader online gambling industry, all backed by statistics that reflect how popular they are.

United States

The US by and large contributes the most online players to the scene than any other country at 70%.  Naturally, Nevada and other states are pulling more weight with that number than others.

In general, the US dominates searches for everything about online casinos. That includes tutorials, guides, and how to take full advantage of the offers and bonuses available. Customers like to be armed with tips when playing online slot games, such as how to choose games that have the highest payback percentages. It makes sense that those who are investing time and money into the space want to help their chances, and it certainly helps to know tips and tricks beforehand.

Most searches are conducted through Google, the most popular search engine by far. As for other stats, over 90% play at home but, well, you could have guessed that. An estimated 57% of the gambling demographic stateside are female and the industry at large has a projected compound annual growth rate of 10% to 20% depending on how optimistic predictions are.


While Canada may not be the first country to spring to mind, online gaming is one of their leading industries. The country has around 19 million online gamblers against a general population of 38 million per recent numbers. That would mean 50% have interacted with an online casino.

While that sounds hard to believe, 90% of Canadians live in the southernmost reaches of the country along the US border. This includes Ontario, which alone has 39% of the country’s population and encourages sensible gambling to its citizens. British Columbia and Alberta have done the same, together accounting for another 25% of the population. The result? The average Canadian gambles C$570 a year.

United Kingdom

As one of the leading tech economies, it’s no surprise that the UK has an outsized presence in online gambling when compared to other, larger countries. It also has a very active sports betting culture around football and horse racing, which may carry over to casinos if they are offered by the same online service. There’s also the lottery, of which 27% of Brits participated last year, so playing odds is widely accepted. Around £838 million is held in British online betting accounts and 43% have gambled once.

While generally, it is the 18-24 cohort that tries gambling the most, this inverts in Britain. Here, one of the largest online gambling demographics at 29% is aged 35-44. It makes sense if you consider that these ages are more financially secure. This follows the highest demographic at 32%, those aged 45-54. You can find the full breakdown of online gambling by age group here.

As online casinos continue to grow, more countries are going to engage with them and online gambling at large. Massive population centres like India are gaining unprecedented Internet access, up to 48% in 2022 from 4% in 2007, so there is still room for a different country to swoop in and become an online gambling leader.