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Top 10 3-pt NBA shooters - Since 1979

Who’s the best 3-man scorer in NBA history? In this video made by the Youtube Statistics and Data channel, based on the data in the NBA database, you can see year after year, season after season, from 1979 to 2019, which are the 10 players who have scored the most points from 3 in the history of the NBA.

There are 8 champions who have followed one another in the leadership of this ranking: we are talking about legends of this sport such as Brian Taylor, Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen. Ray Allen has been at the top of the standings since the 2009-2010 season when he overcame 2,560 baskets from Reggie Miller’s bow and reached 2,973 in the 2012-2013 season (a record that remains unbeaten to this day).

The 15 NBA players who scored most points in history

What are the 15 players in the world who have scored the most points in the history of the NBA (including the Basketball Association of America – BAA). This video shows the 15 players who year after year have scored the most points in the history of the NBA and the world’s best known Basketball. Moving from Bob Pettit to Wilt Chaberlain, from Joe Fulks to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s current record as LeBron James approaches.