Coronavirus – Analysis of countries with the highest number of daily cases and other data

The Coronavirus has reached 26,170,360 cases worldwide. Yesterday alone the increase was +268,354 cases. In this article we will see the 15 countries in the world with the highest number of cases from March 1 to August 2; the trend of cases in the world.

Top 15 Countries in the World with the Most Coronavirus Daily Cases – From 1 March to 2 September

On September 2 the number of daily cases worldwide was +286,354. The top 3 states for number of daily cases are again: India, Brazil and USA. India is continuing its growth and is now duplicating the United States of America in daily cases. In fact India only yesterday had an increase of +82,860 cases of Covid-19. Brazil yesterday exceeded 4 million cases of Coronavirus with an increase of +48,632 cases. While the United States is approaching 6.5 million cases with an increase of more than 40 thousand cases. Among the first nations since a few days there is always Argentina. This State in fact yesterday exceeded 10 thousand cases with an increase of +10,933 cases. Among the first 15 nations in the world for a few weeks there are also Spain and France. In Spain yesterday the cases registered were +8,581 and in France +7,017. In Europe, where the cases in the summer seemed to have definitely decreased, in reality the cases are growing again. Below is the video evolution of the 15 countries in the world with the highest number of daily cases of Covid-19.

Daily cases: India, USA and Brazil vs. the rest of the world

We have seen how India, Brazil and the USA have long been the top 3 countries in terms of the number of daily cases. USA, Brazil and India are among others the top 3 countries in the world for total number of cases. But how much do these 3 countries weigh in daily cases? Thanks to the graph below, you can see that the 3 countries account for far more than 50% of daily cases. In fact, only India these days has more than 25% of total daily cases. If we add Brazil and the United States to this country, the daily cases of these countries exceed 60% of the total. In the rest of the world, this leaves 40% of total daily cases with Argentina being the only country to exceed 10,000 cases.

The daily cases of Covid-19 in the Continents

We have seen in the previous paragraph the distribution of daily cases by country. But which are the Continents (America divided into 2) with the highest number of Covid-19 cases on September 2, 2020? The distribution in this case is more heterogeneous. Excluding Oceania which has 169 cases, the first Continent is Asia. In Asia, the daily cases of Coronavirus on 2 September were 108,812. This represents 50% of the total 206,662 cases. South America followed with 80,620 (with Brazil and Argentina). Then North America with the United States and finally Europe and Africa.

In addition to the daily case data of 2 September, you can also see the data of 2 June. Although the total cases were decidedly less, about 100 thousand, the distribution is more or less similar to 2 September. From 2 June to 2 September in terms of the percentage distribution of daily cases, Asia has grown mainly. In fact, as we have also seen above, India with its over 80 thousand daily cases has a strong impact on the total value of the data.

Covid-19 in the USA and India: how it is developing

We have seen the top 15 countries in the world for the number of daily cases. We have seen the daily figures in the main continents. Below are other data that may be of interest. In the United States the total number of cases is almost 6.3 million. But where are they distributed the most? In which countries? In this article and video you will find the answer. The top 4 states in the U.S. by number of Covid-19 cases are California, Texas, Florida and New York.
What about India? In this in-depth analysis on the Youtube channel you can find the data by territory.

Data source and other links

To produce this article and the videos I use different sources: Wolrdometers, Wikpedia and the different government websites.
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