What Do Kiwis Choose Among Casino Payments?

Due to its strategic quarantine, New Zealand had superb control over the Covid-19 pandemic. This period saw a rise in online gaming traffic, and players cooped up at their homes, enjoyed gambling, and indulged in other gaming activities. 

The two main criteria that customers considered while choosing a gaming platform included the level of security provided by the multiple payment options offered and the convenience of charges while using NZ dollars to make payments at casinos. Thus, specific payment methods were trendy among the Kiwis due to their safety, security, minimal charges, and various other reasons. 


Launched in France in 2004 by Nicolas Saubie, NeoSurf visioned taking online payments to the next level, even without bank accounts or credit cards. It is a pre-pay voucher method where the buyer gets the voucher at an outlet that offers face value. The voucher value can be used for making payments. The payment method mask is NeoSurf SSL, and it is becoming a crowd-pleaser due to certain features of it :

  • High-speed transactions;
  • Immediate credit of money to gaming and gambling accounts; 
  • The maximum credit limit via online payment is $500;
  • The upper weekly limit is at a massive $2500;
  • Secured payments to hosts through unique and safe pre-paid vouchers;
  • Seamless and smooth gambling experience.

Keeping all these factors aside, one also has to remember that the minimum deposit value of a voucher is $20, which could be a pinch in the pocket for certain people. However, considering all the safety it provides, it is definitely one of the most preferred payment methods in New Zealand. 

PaySafe Card 

The PaySafe card is one of the most popular payment methods among Kiwis. Offering 100% privacy protection with watertight security is their key target. The site does not require personal banking information or details for registration. This card allows a gamer to gamble online with complete anonymity and safety. Launched in 2000 in Austria, Paysafe will enable players to stick to their specific planned online budget and not exceed it. 

66% of its users are satisfied with their experience, and 25% have reported that their budget management has improved over the years. Limiting a person’s spending habits by employing a restriction is the best feature. All these casinos accept Paysafecard, ensuring a smooth gambling experience for New Zealand players. 

Apple Pay

Apple Pay was released on 20th October 2014, and offers a glitch-free user experience with superior security and privacy protection. There is zero processing fee which attracts more gamblers to use it at casinos. This also helps to stick to the budget and limit online spending. Multiple benefits of using Apple Pay are:

  • Global acceptance;
  • Contactless payment;
  • Amazing security features;
  • Complex checkout forms can be bypassed, thus providing ease of access;
  • No downloading of apps is required as it is built-in with all Apple products. 

However, keep in mind that Apple Pay is only available for Apple users and not for other users. 

POLi Payments

Founded in 2006 with its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, POLi payments are routed directly through the internet banking account of a customer. It is a safe, free option that is popular among gamers owing to the imposition of the lowest transaction rate in and around New Zealand. 

One needs to create an account with POLi, which is verified and functional within 24 hours. The ironclad security and the user-friendly portal design have made it a popular payment method among Kiwis. Since the upsurge in POLi use, casinos have seen 2x traffic. The industry had a 19% increase in revenue to $289 million back in 2015 when POLi became popular among gamblers in New Zealand. 

Mastercard/ Visa

Mastercard and Visa are two internationally recognized cards widely used for online payments. They have global viability and offer bonuses and offers. Via provides two types of cards – Visa Signature and Standard Visa whereas Mastercard offers World Mastercard, Standard MasterCard, and World Elite Tiers. 

These cards are very popular and trustworthy among players and are a safe mode of payment, as per a government survey. No regular unauthorized charges are attached, and they are insured under warranties that safeguard customers against duplicitous transactions on gambling platforms. 


These payment modes are very popular in New Zealand as they allow Kiwis to participate in online gambling securely and quickly. This makes gambling hassle-free and profitable. In 2018, secure payment methods led to a compound annual growth rate of 3.4%. All of these payment methods offer low or no processing fees and high-speed transactions, which avoids breaks in the gaming experience.