What are the statistically most winnable online casino games?

Statistics and data play a key role in life and help us quantify the world around us. This is true in business, where analyzing statistics can help companies grow and make strategic decisions.  In addition, stats help people to understand more about certain industries and activities – before getting involved with them.

Online casino games a great example

One prime example of this is playing online casinos games. This is a fast-growing sector around the world and generates multi-billions in revenue every year. Although it had been steadily growing around the UK and Europe in recent years, other countries such as the USA have opened up to iGaming lately too.

This has led to a lot more people choosing to have fun with these games and log onto the best iGaming platforms around to enjoy themselves. When you think of the top online casino bonuses in 2022 to pick up and the safe, easy-to-use nature of iGaming platforms, their appeal is clear to see.  Casinotopsonline.com has a detailed overview, so make sure to head over there to find information on the top casino bonuses online. One tip for anyone who likes having fun in this way is choosing which game to play carefully.

But which are the most statistically winnable casino games?


In terms of the most statistically winnable casino games, blackjack is hard to beat. But why is this? As with all other online casino games on our list, it all comes down to probability and what is known as the house edge. This is basically the edge the casino has over players and a lower house edge means you stand a better chance of winning.

When it comes to blackjack, the house edge runs at around 0.7% at most internet casino sites. This is very low compared to other games online casinos might carry and makes it one of the most statistically winnable around. It is important to note that hitting this low house edge figure and having the best chance of winning relies on playing with a good blackjack strategy. For this reason, many players use online blackjack strategy cards to help dictate their in-game decisions.

Video poker

There is no doubt that the casino industry is one of the top five growth industries of the 2020s and games such as video poker illustrate why.

Although you might not have heard as much about this game, the figures do show that it is one of the most winnable out there. Some video poker games for example can drop as low as 0.44% in terms of house edge and many sit not far above this figure. As a result, it is an online casino title which is one of the most winnable around for players.

The key thing is to choose which video poker game to play carefully and determine the edge any game or casino platform has in advance. This helps to ensure players tip the odds in their favor and play with as low a house edge as possible.


For anyone who is unfamiliar with this casino classic, craps is a dice-based game which has people betting on the outcome of dice rolls. An exciting game to play, craps is also one that has stats on its side too! Although it can vary between casino sites, this game normally has a house edge of around 1%, but sometimes it can dip to as low as 0.46%.

As with video poker, the key thing is shopping around and checking out craps games and the casinos which offer them in advance. This helps players dig deeper into the stats behind specific games and find out more about them.

Online slots

One of the most popular games to play at online casinos is the slots. These are not only lots of fun and easy to understand but are available in a wide variety of themes. For these reasons, online slots have long been the go-to choice for many players.

But why are they among the most winnable games statistically? The simple facts are that many slots have a low house edge and a high RTP figure. This RTP figure is key because it shows how much money a slot should return to players over a set period of time or spins. Naturally the higher the RTP figure the better for players! Any slot with an RTP of 95% and above has a good chance statistically of paying out more wins.

Casino games which are statistically more winnable

Anyone who is thinking of getting involved with these sorts of games should do their research first. While this could be where to game online or how to game responsibly, looking into which games are most winnable statistically also makes sense. If you need a helping hand with this, our guide above should be useful.