What are the 10 most luxurious countries to visit

Travel has continued to thrive in current years reliably outdoing the global economy. Your personal economy can easily increase with some visits to Slotastic bonus codes – and if you’re lucky, you’re on your way to the 10 most luxurious countries to visit:

1. Canada

Canada has one of the world’s main winter carnivals in the beautiful Québec City including a snow bath, ice race, night carnivals, awesome snow slides, snow statuaries, and skating.

The Canadian Tulip Festival in May is the most colorful festival with a million tulips in bloom as well as an artistic clarification of the tulips by all levels of the artistic community.

In July, the annual Calgary Stampede is a 10-day-long celebration with rides and bucking broncos.

In Winnipeg, the largest Folklorsama Festival presents over 44 cultural pavilions where guests can model ethnic food and enjoy lively cultural entertainment.

Also, the Canadian Western Agribition is the best beef show on the continent and it is the largest livestock show in Canada.

2. Belize

Belize has one foot in Central America and the other in the Caribbean. It is widely documented as the largest intact block of hot broadleaf forest in Central America.

These 2 strange reef and rainforest environments located in such a small topographical area offer unique adventure and investigation opportunities. Starting offshore liking the simple luxury of Caribbean Island life the pace is relaxed, providing a picture-perfect backdrop for traveling the enthralling underwater world.

Internationally famous NGO scientists are on hand to offer some insight and access while revealing the secrets of this fascinating sub-aqua world, and observing the rare West Indian Manatee in remote lagoons.

3. Brazil

Brazil is finally on the up again with a good quantity of new luxury hotels composed to open. It was proclaimed recently that the Six Senses group would be starting work on their 1st southern America project up in Baia Formosa.

Another newcomer will be the Anantara group which will be the 1st big Asian hotel flag when it opens a flagship hideaway, in July. The property will brag a beach setting next to the Bay of Camamu in Bahia, along a spectacular stretch of Atlantic coastline.

Salvador is Brazil’s best conserved colonial city, soaked in history and with a huge African population making a diverse mix of religions and music.

4. Greenland

Greenland’s autonomy has many of its national services in a step toward individuality and this adds to the country’s ironic history, of which its Inuit people are ferociously proud. 1,000-year-old remains of the Viking settlements are well conserved in the south of the island, while a culture of music and theatre is rooted in antique myths and sagas.

Few places boast dramatic scenery and raw natural beauty. Joined with its remoteness and its vast areas of open wilderness Greenland is the faultless destination for escaping the stresses and straining of our progressively hectic lifestyles.

The clarity and cleanness of the air, too, leave you feeling revitalized beyond any sensation that contaminated city life can provide.

5. Italy

Italy is reigning above all in the luxury travel market as more travelers are tending to visit it. By feeling a more dramatic landscape with steeper hills and bottomless ravines, travelers are more exclusive in this specific province.

The villages, with their impossible to navigate little streets, are, superior. They are spotlessly neat, rivaling the Swiss obsession with cleanliness. The local culture has existed this lifestyle for generations, usually gathering their local produce and meats 20 miles away. The credo of Slow Food took root most powerfully in the Piedmont region of Italy.

6. Japan

Japan is both delightfully old and perfectly new. Important traditions, like the magical cherry blossom watching season, are vibrant, yet Tokyo is one of the most upcoming technology-absorbing places on the planet.

Among Japan’s tourist attractions are Tokyo’s vibrant fish market and its robot restaurants. The bustle of Ginza and the shopping district is like a living museum to an antique way of life and Shinto shrines.

Japan’s culture does seem to be all about making the particulars of your life as pleasurable as possible as food is arranged in all hotels in an eye-pleasing fashion and queues are orderly.

7. Malawi

Malawi offers safari lovers spectacular game viewing in its plenty of wildlife-rich parks and pure wilderness. The safaris in Malawi are quiet and relaxing and it has a perfect beach retreat that lies on one of Lake Malawi’s countless white sand beaches with sun-dappled waters.

Visitors and musicians have gathered on the palm-fringed shores of Malawi for over a period, with the event considered one of the most unforgettable music gatherings in the world. The Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve is a site now considered Malawi’s opening elephant sanctuary.

8. Malta

Malta occupies a desirable location in the heart of the Mediterranean, where an ironic history and culture play out against a spectacular scenic backdrop. Warm, dry weather invites everyone to explore Malta’s gothic cathedrals and impressive bastions throughout the spring.

From the capital Valletta in the south to the attractive islands of Gozo in the north, Malta offers a fascinating stay for all. Valletta proud locals for a theatrical firework display and a night to remember. Spend the morning after the night before walking the impressive Grand Harbour and taking in Upper Baraka Gardens.

9. New Zealand

Wilderness seekers will bliss the fact that a third of New Zealand’s total is made up of national parks. The annual New Zealand Festival, taking place from February through March is an event not to be missed.

Created by the original team at A Waka Odyssey, the festival will begin with a special gathering and dramatic piece featuring the waka and the canoes made by the Māori people which they 1st came to New Zealand about 800 years ago.

Everyone can enjoy life’s creature comforts whether it is eating and drinking your way around the country.

10. Poland

Poland is famous for its fabled hospitality, and also a place to find a balance between wild undiscovered, not clear destinations and, intensively developing tourism.

In bigger cities and general tourist regions, you will find top-class luxury boutique hotels in renewed historical monuments, using modern technologies and trends.

The most applauded place all over the world is the exhibition in the Museum of History of Polish Jews which is the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk and the Emigration Museum in Gdynia.

Poland is a country with a rich and complex history, connected with the history of the whole of Europe. There is a mass of local initiatives, stimulating theme trails, particular local tourist operators, and genealogy tours.