Top 6 Most Popular Online Gambling Markets

The global online gambling market size continues to grow as countries around the world introduce new regulations to let the public bet online. Current reports suggest the market size is around 64 billion USD right now – though it will grow by another 11.7% by 2030. 

We could look at a multitude of factors contributing to the emergence and popularity of online gaming, and the most obvious one is this: it provides people with loads of different ways to win money. People with different interests or hobbies are drawn to online gambling because it has so many markets to dip into. Which markets are the most popular? 

After gathering as much data as we can find, the following six markets are deemed the largest in the gambling world: 

1. Sports Betting

At the top of the charts, we have sports betting. While only legalised recently in some countries – including the US – sports betting has been a mainstay across the world, particularly in Europe. Analysis from the European Gaming & Betting Association found that 42.5% of gamblers see sports betting as their preferred way to gamble. 

Generally speaking, soccer is the number one sport for people to bet on, though this may change as the US sports betting market grows. As we outlined in a previous article, the most popular sports in the USA are football, basketball and baseball. 

For now, soccer holds the number one spot, but we’re interested to see how long this lasts if the US betting market continues to grow at an astronomical rate. 

2. Lottery Draws

It’s initially surprising to see lottery draws in second place, but the more you think about it, the less surprising it becomes. If anything, the only “surprise” is that it isn’t the number one most popular form of gambling. 

We tend to forget that lottery draws are gambling, yet millions of people partake in them every week. Statista discovered that 31% of respondents in a survey chose the lottery draw as their number one gambling option. 

With a low entry fee and the potential to win life-changing sums of money, it’s easy to see why so many people are keen to play the lottery over other gambling markets. 

3. Online Slots

After sports betting and lottery draws, online casinos are the third most popular market for online gambling. As we dive deeper into casinos as a whole, we can split it up into the most popular casino games – with online slots taking the top spot. 

Most online casinos will provide thousands of slot games to play and you’ll have no trouble claiming free spins not on Gamstop with no deposit at hundreds of sites. Bonuses like these contribute to the popularity of slots as punters love getting freebies – and casinos prefer handing out free spins over free cash. 

The sheer variety of online slots also aids its popularity; you have a much deeper treasure trove of games to choose from than any other online casino game type. Some gambling experts point to the exuberant jackpots on offer as another reason too. You stand to win more money playing online slots than you would by playing any of the following games on this list. 

4. Online Poker

Coming up after online slots we have online poker. A classic casino game played religiously at real-life casinos, poker has made a good transition to the online world. While digital poker games are in fairly short supply, there are still more than enough titles to keep fans happy. 

In addition to this, the popularity of poker is undoubtedly down to live dealer games. Online casinos have live dealers to make members feel like they’re playing poker at a casino, rather than against a computer. It adds an immersive experience and is the chosen way of gambling for a large section of the online casino crowd. 

The tactical element of poker also makes it highly popular – people play this game as they feel like there’s a better chance of winning compared to other games based purely on luck. 

5. Online Bingo

The online bingo games market was worth 1073.80 million USD in 2022 – based on findings from Verified Market Research. The same report shows a 6.75% anticipated growth leading to 2030. It’s a huge gambling market and there are hundreds of millions of online bingo players worldwide. 

The simplicity of bingo makes it exciting, as does the chance to win a fair sum of money without a huge investment. Like poker, players can enjoy live bingo while gambling online, which adds more realism to the game. It’s also a game that existed long before internet gambling became a thing, so there’s a carryover of popularity from decades before. 

6. Online Roulette

Rolling in at number six on our list is online roulette. It follows the trend laid out by bingo, poker and slots in that this is a real-life game turned digital. In a traditional casino, the roulette tables are always packed full of players. It has long been a popular gambling game and this has continued in the online casino world. 

Many may think it’s quite low down on this list, but that’s more to do with the growing popularity of other games rather than the decline in popularity of roulette. Players love the ease with which roulette can be played, plus the ability to raise or decrease the odds of winning money. Some roulette bets have a 50/50 chance of coming through – and punters love taking these odds. 

Outside of these six popular online gambling markets, we have a few that deserve some commendation. Online blackjack and online baccarat are both relatively popular while online scratch cards are quickly gaining a sizeable audience. For now, the top six remain as is, but there might be some changes in the future. We don’t predict any movement at the top of the charts, though online poker, bingo and roulette could swap positions multiple times in the coming years.