Top 5 Most Cyber Secure Countries in the World

The National Cyber Power Index released by Harvard University provides an invaluable ranking system for powerful countries in the digital realm. In order to assess each nation’s annual capacity to use cyberspace for achieving its objectives, this report measures multiple aspects on a vast range of topics. Like a commitment to international cyber agreements, budget allocation for powerful software and hardware infrastructure, government legislations that regulate online activity, and e-governance capabilities. This assessment not only assists policymakers in comprehending what other powerful nations are doing but also helps them plan their respective strategies concerning internet affairs. Overall, the National Cyber Power Index is a powerful tool that evaluates the most powerful states in cyberspace and gives professionals insight into the effectiveness of each country’s cyber operations.

Which are the Most Cyber-secure Countries in the World?

We will not go into detail on why and which countries are the safest but will provide a brief summary of the data for these countries.

#1 Denmark

Denmark is an impressive global cyber security leader, having been at the top of cyber safety rankings for the past three years. It scored a 3.56 on its overall cyber security score, placing it in the number one spot 10 times out of 15, with categories such as percentage of users attacked by ransomware trojans, the percentage of attacks by crypto miners, mobile ransomware trojans and mobile banking trojans receiving incredibly low numbers (0.02%, 0.11%, 0 and 0 respectively). Clearly, cyber security is taken very seriously in Denmark and this can be seen through its consistently strong performances in cyber safety rankings.

#2 USA

Cybercrime is a problem that affects many countries around the world, but thankfully, the United States is one of the best-equipped nations to handle it. It has the most cyber security firms in the world and is regarded as highly cooperative when dealing internationally with cybercrime prevention efforts. According to the Global Cybersecurity Index, its score was perfect and the only weaknesses can be found in terms of informing citizens on cyber threats and cyber safety. With cyber-attacks trending downwards due to increased preventative measures, this number will likely improve even more in future years. Only 2.89 percent of mobile devices were affected by any type of malware, while an even smaller percentage had to deal with banking or ransomware trojans– decisive evidence that lots of progress have been made in tackling cybercrime in the U.S.

It should be noted that it is not so important in which country you live, personal consciousness is important. Do not think that if you live in one of the safest countries in terms of cybersecurity, then it will somehow help you if you act recklessly. Everyone individually needs to think about their security and one way to do this is to use VPN apps. Here are the best VPNs for PC – the service contains all the cyber security technologies and eliminates many threats. Although no one has canceled the human factor yet, after installing the application you will be more secure.

#3 Finland

Finland is certainly a standout when it comes to cybercrime. It boasts the lowest rate of mobile malware infection in any country and nearly no malicious mailings or targeted attacks. As such, Finland might have earned its spot in our rankings without much effort. However, the country is looking to do better and has stepped up to increase its cyber defenses as world threats evolve and digital security is more necessary than ever. We applaud this move and urge other countries to follow suit by making similar efforts publicly known – not only would this lead to an improved approach to fighting cybercrime, but with more organization between countries, levels of global protection can be boosted significantly. We hope that Finland can lead the way by setting a strong example for everyone else to follow.

#4 Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea stands out among its peers as one of the top countries in the world when it comes to technological achievements. This is evidenced by its high global cyber security index rating and metrics. It is a leader in the Asia-Pacific region due to its strong legal framework in terms of combatting cybercrime, it is technologically capable and so far has been cooperative in international efforts. Its existing strength could be further bolstered with additional organizational assistance, but that doesn’t detract from its influence on global cyber security.

While South Korea ranks highly, this isn’t to say that improvements can’t still be made; banking malware and Trojans have been noted, and mobile devices around 3.19% percent were reported as infected with malicious programs. Residents of this country should consider installing VPNs, although this can be recommended to all people. This all-in-one solution helps fight a significant portion of Internet threats. This site link will help you find out the benefits of installing a VPN. South Korea seems to be a growing target for such malevolent activity and steps must be taken to put an end to it.

#5 United Kingdom

It is no wonder why the United Kingdom takes fifth place in the GCI rankings; it has consistently proven itself to be one of the best when it comes to cybersecurity. With only 2.26 percent of devices infected with mobile malware and practically nonexistent ransomware and banking trojan attacks, few cyberattacks globally ever originate from the UK. At the same time, its legal framework is excellent and considered a stabilizing influence in global cybersecurity efforts. Despite their overall positive representations, there is still room for improvement. One way they could become better is by increasing the education of citizens regarding best practices in cyber safety which would benefit these already high-security measures even more.


In this blog post, we have explored some of the countries with the best cybersecurity measures in place. The United States, Finland, the Republic of Korea, and the United Kingdom all proved to be great examples of how other countries could increase their security levels. It is through cooperation between nations and proactive actions from individuals that we can effectively fight against cyber.