Top 10 Websites Evolution – From January 1996 to April 2020

What are the 10 most famous and visited sites in the world from 1996 to 2020? Let’s find out together in this video about the evolution of the Top 10 Websites

The birth of the Internet and the first website

The birth of the Internet was accompanied on 20 December 1990 by an important event: on this date the first website in history was created. With the creation of the World Wide Web first thousands, then millions and finally billions of people in the world can access directly from their computers to millions of different sites of all kinds.

Top 10 Websites evolution

The most successful websites in 1996 are for example AOL, Yahho, Geocities, the famous MSN used by millions of young people to chat, Netscape, Excite and others. The site with the highest number of visits in 1997 did not reach 300 million. Yahoo for example in December 1997 barely made 121,385,000. Also in 2001 Yahoo became the first worldwide site to have more than 1 million visitors per month, a surprise by then.

Most popular websites now

With the arrival of sites such as Google, Youtube, Facebook and Amazon, the world landscape of sites changes completely. The arrival of these new big groups, together with the spread of the Internet all over the world, the birth of smartphones and an accessibility more and more accessible to everyone, leads Google to have 81,515,000,000 visitors to the first site in April 2020, followed by Youtube with 33,385,000,000 and Facebook with 26,350,000. Follow in the ranking Baidu, Wikipedia – the encyclopedia for all – Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, yandex and *Xvideos and *ornhub or sites “for adults”.

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