The three most effective types of posts to develop your business on social media

The three most effective types of posts to develop your business on social media

When companies turn to external consultants specialising in online communication, or to social media marketing gurus, in most cases they only get vague strategic indications on how to use the platforms, together with a rather fragmentary explanation of the functions, grammar and structure of each individual social network.

Others prefer to focus on mainly technical aspects, such as setting up a sponsored campaign or colour optimisation of profiles, particularly on Instagram, where the appearance of the bio and photos visible to visitors can have a decisive impact on user perception.

Even specialised courses, such as master’s courses, in most cases merely address the issue of social media like Facebook with a certain superficiality, again outlining its strategic importance in a broader communication plan, or emphasising the effect of certain content or posts that have gone viral, thus igniting the enthusiasm of all participants (and also of company managers or employees in the office communication department, in case they too had enrolled in one of these courses).

Wrong emphasis

The emphasis on viral content, in particular, seems to be entirely superfluous, even misleading, as it suggests that any company, at any time, could be capable of generating content that would attract millions of views and interactions, a staggering amount of comments and shares, and end up being seen or liked by half of the world’s Internet-using population.

Theoretically, any brand could create viral content, but in reality it almost never happens. This kind of content almost always arises spontaneously, without any kind of planning, and in most cases it is linked to a particular interpretation of a current event or a joking post published by a brand in response to a content made by others.

Communication gurus certainly don’t want to hear this, but all this attention to viral content serves them above all, to induce more and more users and professionals to buy their expensive courses, their exclusive consultancy. But companies need a more concrete approach, a strategy that includes clear and concrete indications on the daily management of social media, the types of posts that are most functional for each platform, and so on.

The role of concreteness

Instead of focusing on the illusion of viral content on Instagram or other social media, companies should be clear about which posts to publish every day in order to get more interactions, or which kind of content could be successful in a communication campaign, with corresponding examples. Using social media to develop one’s business means first of all fully understanding its potential, i.e. all those structural characteristics that distinguish it from other platforms.

The content that generates the most likes, shares and interactions on social media is certainly the corporate video, especially if it is used as the core of a broader online and offline communication campaign. In this case, users would find themselves in front of content capable of moving them and bonding them ever more deeply to the brand, having truly wonderful effects in terms of strengthening trust between the brand and the consumer.

Another powerful medium to use on social media is live video, a function that can now be activated on most platforms. With this tool, you will not only strengthen the brand’s reputation on a certain topic (maybe through a virtual conference focused on a certain topic), but you will also establish a deep and unprecedented contact with your audience, stimulating the audience to interact with the brand, ask questions and actively participate in discussions.

In order to create engagement, brand profiles should also use the useful tool of citations, which allows them to create posts with their own opinion on a certain professional (or even topical) subject, thus generating a healthy debate for their reputation.

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On social media, success can be patiently built even through simple posts published daily, without any pretense of becoming viral or extremely popular.