The Most Popular Strategies For Horse Betting


Horse racing remains one of the oldest types of gambling, and the technological integration in the industry made it even better. Younger folks are now interested in horse racing online due to the comfort of online gambling. However, you must have the right strategies to have a profitable horse racing betting experience.

Meanwhile, it is essential not to confuse horse race trading with horse race betting; they have different strategies. While you can get horse racing trading strategies at TheTrader, techniques for horse racing betting are quite different. This post will discuss popular horse betting techniques for online punters.

Popular Strategies for Betting on Horse Races

For horse race lovers who would like to bet on various races online, it is essential to have the proper techniques. We have compiled some strategies to increase your chances of profit in horse race betting.

The Dutching System

The Dutch betting strategy is common and profitable. It can be used for quite several sports, including horse racing. Splitting wager, the punter will have to bet on more than one to win the race. It is ideal to choose horses with more probability of winning the race. Doing this covers all possible outcomes, leaving a very low risk of losing the wager.

The 80/20 System

The 8-/20 horse racing betting strategy is easy and involves splitting your wager into 20 and 80 percent. You will wager 20% of your stake on the horse, which will most likely win the race. The remaining 80% would be staked on the horse to come second or third in the race. Doing this will guarantee your winnings by covering all possible results of your favorite horse. However, adequate research is needed to predict the horse to wager on.

Laying System

Another horse race betting strategy you should try is laying the favorite horse. Laying bets means staking on a horse not to win the race or finish the race in a specific position. Laying chances are common with betting exchanges, and you must look for a suitable lay bet with better odds. Also, the punter can place Lay bets on two different horses not to win the race or come second. You win if one or the two chosen horses end the race below the second place.

The Yankee Strategy

The Yankee betting technique is one of the oldest horse race betting strategies. It involves picking four favorite horses in a race and wagering a winner or each-way bet on them. This would result in 11 bet combinations with six doubles, four trebles, and one 4-fold bet of equal wager. Getting the right horses will result in generous payouts.

The Exacta Strategy

Another generous betting strategy in horse racing is Exacta. While this strategy is easy to understand, it is a little challenging to come by. It involves predicting the right horses to finish the race as first and second in the correct order. This explains why the strategy is very generous.

Meanwhile, this horse race betting requires adequate research of the horses, their jockeys, and recent performances. The Trifecta and Superfecta are similar to the Exacta technique, where you will predict the first three and four horses, respectively. Remember, they must be in the correct order to win.

Some Common Errors To Avoid In Horse Race Betting

Having discussed the common horse racing strategy that can make your gambling profitable, discussing some mistakes you should avoid is essential. These errors are avoidable, but most horse racing punters keep making them. They are:

Inadequate research

Punters must do adequate research before risking their funds on a wager. Check the horses, their ages, and their form. Don’t forget to examine the tracks, weather, and everything that concerns the horses, their jockeys, and the tracks. These will assist in your selection and prediction.

Betting on one horse

This mistake is common with new horse racing punters who wager on one horse and wait for the outcome. It would be best if you avoided this. Horse racing allows bettors to stake on different options in a race. All you need is to take your time to understand the rules and available options and choose suitable ones.

Not checking various odds

Many punters make mistakes by placing their wager on the first odds they see or sticking to a bookmaker. There are many betting sites offering varying odds for similar events. Ensure you examine these varying odds and choose the best.


Horse racing is one of the favorite sports, and many online bookmakers have incorporated it on their betting sites. Meanwhile, we have discussed some strategies that can make you a profitable punter. Ensure you understand them before wagering your funds.