The Biggest Gambling Countries Around the World

Gambling, in the many forms it appears in, is an enormous global industry involving millions of players worldwide. Some countries, however, are much larger contributors to the market than others, with betting in general either being more popular or generally more accepted. Below are the top countries for gambling ordered on the national gross win.

5. Germany

The main draw for gambling in Germany is in physical casinos where poker and its many variants are the most popular type, contributing the largest amount to the national gross win of $16 billion (~£13 billion). New gambling enterprises are on the rise and adding to a list of over 400 across the country and well over £18 billion in value in the market itself.

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As of the most recent numbers, around 81% of all gambling in the country takes place in land-based casinos, however, there is a growing trend towards online casinos as well with the balance shifting with each passing year.

4. Australia

The Australian love of all kinds of sports is one of the primary driving factors behind the size of the betting market there, where the national gross win sits at $18 billion (~£15 billion). There is also a national love of slot games in the country both offline and online. The country holds the record for the highest percentage of the population that gambles at 80%, so it’s no wonder that it appears on this list.

3. United Kingdom

The U.K. currently has half of the entire betting market revenue taken through online casinos and sportsbooks. Britain boasts a range of high-tech and popular casinos, such as the locally-grown MrQ, which have leaned into the online market with things like mobile-specific offers and free spins with no deposit with mobile verification features that make them easier to grab.

While there is a wide range of land-based casinos and bingo halls, the online element is what mainly drives the U.K. up to that national gross win of $19 billion (~£16 billion).

2. Italy

It should be no surprise that the country responsible for the creation of so many casino games would rank highly here. Italian contributions to the gambling world, not even counting the dice games dating back to Roman times, include the invention of baccarat way back in the 15th century plus several roulette systems still in use today. Their total gross win is at $20 billion (~£17 billion), but that still isn’t even close to the top spot.

1. The U.S.

At a total gross win of $119 billion (~£110 billion), the U.S. is by far the undisputed largest betting market in the world. Of course, Las Vegas plays a big part in that.

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Globally it is the first name people think of for casinos and the U.S. as a market has been opening up more and more over the last couple of decades. It’s unlikely to be dethroned any time soon.

While these markets are constantly growing and at very different rates, these are the rankings based on the most up-to-date data available. You can expect these numbers all to climb much higher over the next decade, however.