The Best Software for Instagram Photo Editing

The most popular social network for sharing photos has crossed the one billion user mark. Instagram today is not only an ideal platform for people who want to capture memorable moments of their lives and show them to their friends. From a catalog of online photo albums, the app has turned into a popular site for blogs on any topic, as well as an effective advertising space and a huge marketplace for products.

Instagram’s photo processing functionality, despite its huge reach and demand, is limited. Most users make up for the lack of necessary options at the expense of third-party software. One of the best options is Luminar Neo. With its help, every user, whether a professional or a beginner, can turn his picture into a real masterpiece. In the application, you will find many advanced features, including a background image remover.

In our article, we will tell you about the top Instagram photo-processing apps. We’ll consider each one in detail.


LightX is a simplified “Photoshop” for your smartphone with the addition of a library of ready-made filters. Some of them (like XPro) are duplicated from the Instagram catalog, but the main set is unique color, shade, and sharpness settings.

In addition to the pre-made effects, the application contains all the basic photo editing tools.


  • a large catalog and extensive photo editing capabilities;
  • images can be saved in JPEG and PNG format (with transparent backgrounds);
  • the size of the finished file depends on the selected quality (standard or high).


  • some of the options (including magic brush, background cutter, and eraser) in the Android app are not available by default – it is suggested to buy the Pro version;
  • pop-up ads are distracting (can be turned off if you upgrade to the LightX Pro).

Despite some disadvantages, it’s a great option for basic photo processing.


The application was developed by Nik Software, a company known for its noise and sharpening plugin sets for the Adobe Photoshop line. In 2012, it became part of Google Corporation. Snapseed, created for Apple gadgets, was updated to be compatible with Android and made free. It turned out very well: a compact application that processes pictures almost on a professional level.

In the library of Snapseed, there are 11 filters that can be customized to your liking. There’s also the Frames tool, which can be used to make the edges of your photo look great. There is also a large suite of instruments for detailed correction, such as a background removal tool.


  • all image changes are recorded layer by layer, you can view and undo any of them;
  • the application saves a set of settings after working with the photo and offers to apply the same to a new image the next time it is launched;
  • it works even with images of low quality (relevant for smartphones with a mediocre camera).


  • no tool to calibrate individual colors;
  • there is no option to create collages.

This app is a great option for every user, even those who are not yet familiar with photo editing.


This is a photo editor with a social networking option. The package of processing tools includes, in addition to cropping and color correction, work with fragments of images. For example, you can delete the background from the image, clone an object in the picture and duplicate it, cut an arbitrary fragment, or ready form. The set of filters is impressive: 150 different options, both with ready-made presets and with the ability to adjust the effect to your liking. There’s a separate package for selfies: if you want to change your freckles or eye color, you’re welcome!

In addition, the app has a library of stickers and frames, as well as an option to add text. You can create your own and share them with others. It is possible to download and use other people’s stickers.


  • lots of filters;
  • a large set of tools for working with selfies;
  • there is a toning option for photos.


  • registration required;
  • the color correction package works slowly;
  • a lot of advertising – it is turned off in the paid version.

PicsArt is an incredibly popular software among Instagram users. With its help, your photos will become absolutely fantastic!


First and foremost, Pixlr is a library of filters. A huge catalog is available to you: choose the one that suits your taste. The developers have also provided a package of options for image correction: from cropping and rotating to working with color. There’s an interesting tool that allows you to select a certain color in the picture and save it, while the rest of the palette can be discolored to black and white. The app has sets of frames, stickers, and ready-made captions. Images and collages can be imported to social networks or saved in the device’s storage.


  • a variety of filters with different ways of overlaying; 
  • some effects can be rotated to the desired angle (including mirroring).


  • color correction tool works slowly;
  • annoying pop-up ads.

The app will be a great helper for any Instagram user.


If you are looking for an option for pro photo processing with the ability to use the tool for AI background remove, we recommend Luminar Neo. It is the best image editing application for beginners and professionals alike.

We wish you good luck!