The Benefits of Combining CBD Products with Traditional Veterinary Care

Cannabis products are no longer meant exclusively for human use; pets can also get a daily CBD dose to get their different health issues addressed. According to research, cannabidiol (CBD) possesses various healing properties, and the medical sector is rapidly embracing the cannabis plant’s benefits. Even veterinarians are experimenting with CBD as a supplementary treatment for various pet conditions. 

But what are CBD products, and what do they entail? Are these products safe? Modern research seems promising, but you should follow the advice of a professional vet who understands CBD and has experience dispensing these products to pet owners. 

This article will discuss why combining CBD with veterinary care benefits your pets. We will highlight different CBD products, safety, and the health problems it can manage.

What Is CBD? 

The cannabis plant contains two major compounds – cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabidiol is derived from the hemp variant of the cannabis herb, and it has gentle and relaxing effects on both humans and pets. Conversely, THC is a psychoactive element that causes intoxicating feelings. 

Thus, research reveals that CBD has potential health benefits, and the medical sector already uses it within the legal limitations. Even though CBD products are restricted in different states, many pet owners can access them online and in local stores. 

Research on CBD Effects on Animals

It is imperative to note that the FDA has approved CBD for human medication. But FDA has not approved its use for animals. Thus, the organization recommends that pet owners should consult with their vets before starting any CBD treatment. 

This means extensive research has yet to be done on CBD use in animals. Currently, many pet owners rely on their vets’ recommendations and experience or derive guidelines from a small yet steadily growing body of research. 

Despite insufficient research, CBD for pets is becoming popular globally, and the studies are increasing to meet the animals’ safe treatment demands. Thus, veterinarians and pet owners are better positioned to get guidance on the right CBD products to treat various health conditions. Though the research is ongoing, many pet owners use CBD and report impressive results. 

Benefits of CBD Products for Pets 

Before proceeding to the benefits, you should know the forms of CBD products available for pets. They come in the form of CBD oils, edibles, treats, creams, tinctures, lotions, and gels, among others. If you are a first-timer in the CBD world, you can start with bottled oil with a dropper. It is much easier to give controlled doses slowly as you go along. 

Below are the benefits of CBD for your pet:

Pain Relief

Like humans, pets can feel pain for different reasons, such as surgical procedures, fractures, old age, or other illnesses. You might not know when your dog is in pain until it is intense. So, if you notice your pet is uncomfortable, it could be because of pain. Thus, your vet might recommend a reasonable dose of CBD oil or CBD-infused treats to manage the pain. It could supplement the normal medication if it is not a complex condition. CBD-infused products provide immediate relief to your dog or cat. Besides the pain, CBD stimulates healthy cells’ growth, promoting fast recovery. 

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Eases Inflammation

According to research, CBD possesses analgesic properties that reduce inflammation. Pets usually get inflammatory infections, swellings, and soreness from injuries and other illnesses. CBD is an effective remedy since it contains anti-inflammatory compounds that ease discomfort and soreness. In addition, these products enhance the immune system of your dog or cat. 

Alleviates Stress and Anxiety 

Pets also experience stress and anxiety that arise from different situations. It could be separation anxiety, loud noises, new routines, or traveling. Some pets can also run away when they feel distressed. So, CBD is an effective remedy that provides calming and relaxing effects to your pets. The compounds derived from hemp produce soothing effects on the pets’ nerves. Thus, CBS products allow pets to enjoy emotional stability during stressful situations.


Studies show that CBD helps regulate epileptic conditions in both humans and animals. If your dog has seizures, CBD can help in reducing their frequency. Combining CBD with traditional medicine can assist greatly in managing the condition. However, you must consult your vet to understand the required dosage for your pet. 

Supports Strong Bones

Old age might affect your pet’s bone health. Aging animals usually experience challenges when walking, jumping, or climbing various obstacles. In addition, your pets might be at risk of getting arthritic pain over the years, which affects their mobility. So, it is normal for pets to have muscle aches or joint pain at some point in their lives. Despite the disorder, CBD oil is the perfect remedy for promoting healthy bones. After a few days of using CBD, you will start noticing the difference, and your pet will be up and about without any issues. 

General Wellness 

Besides managing pain, CBD products are widely known for enhancing general body wellness. These products contain other healthy cannabinoids that supplement traditional vet medications. Giving your pet a daily treat of CBD will improve their immunity while supporting their heart and brain function. As a result, your dog or cat will enjoy a long and healthy life. 

Healthy Skin

Another aspect that entails pet care is ensuring healthy skin. At times, pest infestations, improper nutrition, or allergies can result in damaged skin. You can get CBD topicals in the form of lotions, creams, or ointments and apply them on your pet’s skin as directed by your vet. These CBD oils promote healthy skin and also enhance the fur texture. 

Is CBD Safe for Pets? 

Many pet owners have already embraced CBD products. But others may still be skeptical about its safety. It is imperative to note that the CBD used for human products is similar to the one used in pet products. So, CBD for humans is safe for animal use as long as you follow the vet’s directives and don’t exceed the recommended dose. Moreover, you must read the package label carefully to check the ingredients. Some additional constituents or essential oils might be toxic to animals. 

Apart from harmful ingredients, there are products manufactured for specific pets with different flavors. So, choose a product containing your pet’s favorite flavor to encourage CBD consumption. Visit the link to learn more about different CBD products and choose the right one for your pet. 

In addition, some vendors might not be genuine when it comes to CBD quality. For instance, you might purchase a product with a CBD concentration different from the one written on the package label. Or it might contain harmful additives, high THC levels, or pesticides. 

Therefore, to avoid purchasing substandard products, you must research extensively and work with reputable vendors who deliver quality CBD products.  

Furthermore, you can check the company’s website for the Certificate of Analysis (COA). It allows you to determine if the product has been tested in independent labs for purity and safety. Avoid purchasing from companies that can’t provide a detailed COA document. 


CBD products are safe for animal use, and many pet fans enjoy its numerous health benefits for their small furry friends. As stated above, research reveals the importance of CBD in treating various conditions affecting pets. These include chronic pain, anxiety, seizures, and mobility issues. Apart from pain-related conditions, CBD also promotes general wellness and boosts the immune system. 

Since cannabis is legalized in several states, accessing these products is easy if you know what you want. Combining these products with traditional vet care provides great benefits. So, consult with your veterinarian before buying a CBD product for your pet. You will know the right product and dosage that aligns with your pet’s age and weight. This way, you will be able to treat your pet with a daily CBD treat and get a rewarding cannabis experience. 

The article was written by Denys Svirepchuk, an expert in cannabis products that meet various health needs of people and animals. Denys is a full-time writer at AskGrowers sharing the best practices and knowledge about the right product selection.