Responsible Gambling at Casushi Casino: Promoting Healthy Gaming Habits in the UK

Inspired by Japanese culture, more precisely the iconic dish sushi, Casushi is an online casino in the UK that is quickly becoming the top choice for gamblers. It is licensed by UK and Malta gaming commissions, both of which go for strict gambling authorities. As a result, Casushi is a safe option for British gamblers, and many review sites give it a favourable ranking. It’s also a relatively new operator, so there are many gamers that hadn’t had a chance to check it out yet.

The goal of this article is to examine what makes Casushi casino such a great option for UK players. Any experienced player knows there can be a huge difference between online casinos when it comes to safety, user experience, and game quality. Players who opt for Casushi will have access to some of the best casino games in the industry. They can also take advantage of the loyalty program or the sign up offer by Casushi to get more value out of their spending. Not only that but this operator is a strong proponent of healthy gaming habits. So, let’s see how Casishi promotes responsible gambling. 

On-Site Guide for Responsible Gambling

Casushi does something that even the best brands don’t. They have a comprehensive guide on responsible gambling directly on the sidebar menu. Most operators only include the notice or suggestion on the footer of their home page, but Casushi has gone a step further. They added several steps on what players should do if they feel they have a gambling issue. 

There are lots of regulatory requirements when someone wants to run an online casino, or if they want to develop games. These regulations constantly evolve and tend to get stricter. Moreover, every government has its own attitude towards gambling, but they all agree that operators need to be regulated. As a result, any legitimate operator needs to have responsible gambling advice displayed on their site. That being said they don’t have to display it in their main menu or create a comprehensive guide on it. This is what makes Casushi different and more genuine.

What’s in Casushi’s Guide?  

Much like other operators Casushi advises players who feel they have a serious problem to seek out third-party help centers. Users can actually contact the casino’s customer support and they will direct them to reputable gambling help organizations. 

The operator also gives some advice on how to approach this hobby and reduce the chances of developing financial issues. One of the best ways to do this is to be disciplined with your spending and basically set a daily, or weekly budget that you should use when playing casino games. 

Another way is simply to learn how to take a break. After all, there are so many exciting games out there that don’t require continuous spending. Moreover getting good at these games can also become financially beneficial. Many competitive tiles have their own eSports competitions with big prizes, so there are other ways to win money through gaming.  

It’s important to note these aren’t merely suggestions for players, these are actually built-in features. So, a player can set a daily limit through account setting, and if they choose to take a break the account will be suspended for 6 weeks. 

Finally, there is a reality check feature that players can enable. This will display how much money they have spent and how much they won as a result. The goal is to prevent players from spending more money, as gamblers often convince themselves they are breaking even, and refuse to face the facts.

Help and Self-Exclusion

As far as third-party helplines go there are 3 suggestions on Casushi’s site:

●       Gamble Aware

●       Gamblers Anonymous

●       Gamcare-

They also advise problem gamblers to register on GAMESTOP and apply for self-exclusion. Through self-exclusion, you can definitely prevent yourself from playing casino games on all UK-regulated sites. They are going to be obliged to deny you service if you are on GAMESTOP’s register. Many players who try to discipline themselves fail because they fall victim to common gamblers’ fallacies, and delusional thinking. Additionally, you can self-exclude yourself from Casushi’s site, by going to account settings and going to the “More Account Options” section.


Gambling is incredibly fun if you enjoy it in healthy doses. This can be easier said than done. Gaming consoles have significantly changed over the years, and now everything is accessible via phone. This is why it’s more important than ever to impose self-discipline. Maintaining that discipline is significantly easier with an operator like Casushi, as they have a great guide and features to help you with it. Always remember not to use the funds you cannot afford to lose, and never to view online casinos as a source of revenue. With that mindset, it’s significantly easier to enjoy slots, baccarat, blackjack or any other casino game.