Real estate CRM software for accelerated sales

Real estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are becoming another essential tool realtors rely on, as they help to manage every communication between their leads and clients. They also provide real estate agents with features like email and text messaging, lead follow-up tools, click-to-call capabilities, and more for an effective real estate experience. Although there are already a number of real estate software, the specific needs of companies also push to create their own developments. One of the companies specializing in real estate app development is, which allows you to meet the unique requests and needs of companies. For more template tasks, you can also use the classic utilities, which will be discussed in this note.


Pipedrive is a real estate software solution that provides businesses with the tools they need to plan and manage their sales activities. With activity-based selling methodology, users can keep track of every step of their pipelines right on their computer or mobile device. As a cloud-based application, it can be accessed at any time, day or night. It allows sales personnel full visibility of different sales pipelines with real-time information to give them an up-to-date view of each deal’s progress. Additionally, Pipedrive also provides custom reporting tools to monitor individual and team targets.

Wise Agent

For professional real estate agents, Wise Agent provides a great CRM with a host of features you may expect, such as automated emails and SMS texting. What sets it apart from other similar tools is its comprehensive customer support which allows for customizations or integration into other software tools. Furthermore, customer support offers an actual person 24/7/365 which is exactly what most in the real estate market are looking for. With loads of integrations prepared to streamline your communication and lead nurturing processes, Wise Agent is an ideal choice for agents who require extra assistance in their workflows.


EngageBay is a revolutionary platform for growing businesses, offering a suite of integrated marketing, sales, support, and CRM tools to help them analyze visitor behavior, create personalized experiences, and convert website visits into customers. With email marketing, landing page builders, live chat/helpdesk features, customizable forms/popups, and more, the cloud-based platform gives firms everything they need to nurture relationships with prospects and maximize their customer retention. Plus, it enables users to track activities across customers, leads, and deals through its built-in CRM system. That way, organizations can track the progress of their campaigns and make informed decisions along the way.


Although real estate software development and innovation have changed drastically over the years, LionDesk has remained a reliable industry leader. It offers real estate agents a comprehensive solution, with rich messaging options and customizable pipeline management that can be set up quickly. Plus, it also includes an AI-powered lead follow-up tool for automating text messages to streamline new sales—a revolutionary time-saver for real estate agent teams of all sizes. With so many features and an easy setup process, LionDesk is the perfect real estate solution for those who want out-of-the-box functionality or need to reach out to customers within a short timeframe.


HubSpot CRM provides businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive platform for customer relationship management. It is suitable for B2B and B2C alike and caters to numerous industries such as accounting, marketing, sales, construction, real estate, and more. With features designed to streamline customer interactions from outbound to inbound marketing, from email tracking to lead management, and even contact management, HubSpot CRM offers a robust system that simplifies interactions each step of the way. Furthermore, its dynamic platform allows you to view your sales funnel at any time with a real-time visual dashboard. In other words, if the interaction is taking place it will be recorded in an organized timeline making sure you never miss a beat with your customers or leads.


Realvolve is the perfect CRM for individual real estate agents looking for a more customized experience. Not only does Realvolve offer all the features an agent needs, but it takes it one step further with customizable workflows and communication tools. If you’re unsure of how to properly structure your workspace and communication processes, fear not – Realvolve has put together an entire library of templates and guides to draw inspiration from. Whether you’re just starting out and need a roadmap or a seasoned user wanting to optimize their process – Realvolve is here for you!


Five9 is a cloud contact center solution for companies looking to deliver outstanding customer experiences worldwide. Using AI-driven technology, Five9 Engagement Workflow uses Natural Language Processing and intelligent routing to get customers to the right agent quickly and accurately. Additionally, Five9 Genius offers next-step guidance before agents pick up the phone while adjustable dialing modes skip no-answers and busy signals. Additionally, their IVR with speech recognition can be used for common customer inquiries saving time and resources. Real-time metrics enable analysis so you can monitor and report on your contact center’s performance.

Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss continues to offer a wide range of features that make it an excellent choice. These features include integrated messaging directly within the software for tasks like emailing, texting and even making calls. Moreover, its widespread integrations, alongside its customizability make it suitable for many different users. However, due to technical complexities, individuals who don’t have high-tech capabilities may find it difficult to set up or use according to their needs. Thus, Follow Up Boss is probably best suited for those with enough technical know-how or access to someone who can provide support when setting up the system to fully take advantage of its benefits and adapt it accordingly.


For small business owners, the all-in-one GreenRope is ideal for consolidating essential CRM functions like email marketing, sales, and event management. At a glance, you can access GreenRope’s core features such as contact management, project management, and calendaring with public and private options. Plus, they offer advanced solutions such as task monitoring and automated reminder notifications. Communication tools include email campaigns, text messaging campaigns, and survey tools that integrate with popular social media sites. And their website building capabilities enable the creation of e-commerce enabled sites in minutes – hassle free!


There are a variety of CRM solutions available to real estate agents. From LionDesk’s AI-powered lead follow-up tools to HubSpot’s comprehensive customer relationship management platform, companies have plenty to choose from. But all these solutions cannot take into account all the special needs of companies and the specifics of their work. To create a personalized CRM system, you need the help of professionals. Here is more info about CRM development by a professional team of developers with specific terms, and prices and taking into account all requests. Ultimately, every company chooses its own path, and this blog post is just to help guide your eye on the important stuff.