Next States That Can Legalize Online Gambling In The USA

You may want to know that online gambling laws are extremely complicated in the United States. Worth to mention that there are many USA sites on NonGamStopBets that are available in the UK, but can’t operate fully in the United States. But, one thing that we like to see is the fact many states are working on legalizing online gambling very soon. Below, we will explain those states. There are no definite laws at the moment but we believe that these states are the first to legalize this entertainment and many will follow!


Indiana will probably legalize online gambling in 2022. We know this due to the HB 1356 bill that was submitted by Ethan Manning and Doug Gutwein. We can also see Alan Morrison and his HB 1337 bill. All of these have the same purpose. It is to legalize online gambling and apply 18% taxes. Yes, this sounds good and it has a huge potential. As you may believe Indiana will soon become a new home for online gamblers.

Keep in mind that this is not a sure thing at the moment. But, we do believe that online gambling will become available and legal in this state. Mobile sports betting is already legal and there are many companies that offer this option. The potential here is massive hence we can see a lot of reasons why Indiana will legalize online gambling. 


There are some people who don’t have high expectations for Illinois. They believe that online gambling will not become legal here any time soon. Well, you are partially right. At the moment the accent is on land casinos. According to the senator of the state Dave Syverson, they must first deal with land-based casinos and then deal with online casinos. This is not something that will happen in 2022 but very soon.

Here we can see one interesting issue. If land casinos are legalized in the state, they may want to offer an app for players. This is a very common thing nowadays. But, the app will mean that players will play online hence online gambling will become available. We do know that if land casinos are not accepted, this will have a huge, negative effect. If they are legalized, online gambling will become legal much sooner. 


Maryland is another state where we can see that online gambling will become available any time soon. Right now the state’s officials are focused on lottery and sports betting. These will become available any time soon and there are already brands that offer this option in the state. Once this is legalized and completed, the state will start working on adding an online casino license. We must add that this will probably be completed in 2023 if not sooner. In one way or another, the state will allow online casinos to offer their games to all players relatively soon. 

New York

New York is working on legalizing sports betting. While New Jersey has already one of the states which legalized gambling, its neighbour state still working on it. The best thing is that the laws and all the needed are in the budget that will be adjusted and accepted within 2-3 weeks. Once this happens we will see online gambling as the next big deal that will be added to the list of possibilities. 

In this particular case scenario, we can see a lot of things that are still unclear. The laws will have to be adjusted, there are a lot of things that both parties will have to do and so much more. But we can also see great odds for sports betting and online gambling. 


Arizona is working on legalizing sports betting which directly means that online gambling has great odds here. Today there are 16 tribes in this state but there are only 10 licenses. This means that the situation will be tough and there will be some tribes without the licenses at the end. But we believe that online gambling has a huge potential and it will be either added as a part of sports betting or later, after this form of betting is approved. 

Arizona also considers small businesses to work and offer sports betting and online gambling. An interesting fact is that only Washington DC allows small businesses to offer sports betting. We hope that Arizona will become the second place in the United States where this is possible. 


Some of you remember that there were a lot of bills and attention to online gambling in this state. But, due to harsh laws and many regulations, all of this ended and there were no traces that these will become available any time soon. Well, this changed in 2021.

This year the state will legalize sports betting. People here will be able to place various bets when they like and enjoy all kinds of sports. This means that online gambling has a huge potential and will probably be legalized soon. When it comes to sports betting, it is not legal yet but soon it will become. Online gambling will need a bit more time but success is already on the horizon. 

The Final Word

These are the next states in the United States that may legalize online gambling in the near future. There are lots of data that should that online gambling in the United States on demand and the market will be gigantic after full legalisation. For you, this is great news. You will be able to play online games at any online casino you like legally and enjoy. We can add that other states will soon follow these meaning online gambling has a bright future in the United States.