Most Popular Soccer Teams in the World

Soccer is the most loved sport, and millions of fans pay attention to the game and pay keen attention to their favorite players throughout the season. There are many soccer teams worldwide, but the support base of each team is different. Many aspects determine the decision to support a soccer team, from the style of play, the history of the team, and the players they have on their rosters. Here’s a compilation of the most popular soccer teams worldwide.

Bayern Munich

Over the last three to four years, Bayern Munich has been one of the most talked about teams worldwide because of the success it has enjoyed in that duration. Bayern Munich is a German-based team currently the defending champions of the German league. It is not a surprise that the team’s largest support base is in Germany because of its location. Another aspect that has influenced its support is that the biggest portion of the German national team is drawn from Bayern Munich.

Bayern’s fame over the last four years has further been motivated by the fact that they have won the Super Cup, Club World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and other titles. In this period of success, Bayern has increased its social media following and has 26.8 million Instagram followers. Recently, Bayern has stamped its place as one of the best clubs to play for by adding England’s all-time goal scorer, Harry Kane.

Paris Saint Germain

Like Bayern, PSG is France’s reigning champions, but it has not enjoyed the success Bayern Munich has enjoyed on the European front. PSG has yet to win a European trophy, but the players have promoted its popularity over the years. The first notable mention is Neymar, Brazil’s national team leading goalscorer. Neymar has been a fan favorite for years, bringing on board the Joga Bonito, the Brazilian soccer associated with flair. He was once one of the most promising players, and many thought he would be the next big thing before he eventually shifted from PSG to the Saudi league.

The second notable mention is Kylian Mbappe. Like a research paper writer who always gets everything right, Mbappe is a highly skilled player, and fans count on him to net the ball. Mbappe led the France team to the 2018 World Cup, and in 2022, he led his team to the final, becoming the tournament’s top goalscorer. The most notable mention is Lionel Messi, a seven-time Ballon Dor winner and a player many regard as the greatest of all time. Messi spent two years in PSG, and in that time, he helped the team secure a French league title. While still a PSG, he helped Argentina win the World Cup, bringing on board millions of his supporters to the PSG ranks.


Barcelona is Spain’s second most famous club and the current Spanish champions. The club is currently experiencing rebuilding and financial challenges, which has affected its might and popularity on the global stage. However, it has a rich history of winning multiple Champions Leagues, Super Cups, club world cups, and Spanish leagues. The club is still renowned for its playing style and academy, The La Masia, which prides itself in producing some of the greatest talents of the past and the present generation. As they say, numbers don’t lie, and you can spot the best essay writing service by the numerous positive reviews it gets. The same is true with Barcelona; it has a following of 97 million people.

Manchester City

The club broke into the big boy’s table following a takeover in 2008. It has been one of the most successful since the takeover, and its success has seen it become crowned four times as champions of England in the last five seasons. Its popularity increased when it won the treble, making it replicate the history of its local rivals, Manchester United. The recent success that the club has enjoyed has seen them enjoy an Instagram following of 24.4 million followers. The club has a global following is increasing daily as they continue to replicate their success over the years and make more history.


If you hear soccer fans chanting, “You will never walk alone,” don’t bother to ask which club they support. It has been a famous chant amongst Liverpool supporters who have seen their club enjoy a rich history built on winning multiple English and European titles. It has the richest European history among clubs based in England, winning 6 UEFA champion leagues and 3 UEFA cups. The club has been one of the greatest rivals of Manchester United, and it has 19 Premier League titles. On Instagram, the club enjoys 31 million followers.


Arsenal is amongst the most loved clubs worldwide. It has a rich history, winning 14 cups between 2000 and 2010. The club has a strong rivalry in London, battling for the pride of London with its local rivals Tottenham and Chelsea. Despite its local success, the club has faced challenges on the global scene, and a trophy that has eluded it over the years is the Champions League. It is a trophy many Arsenal fans are expecting their team to win to cement their place as one of the dominant clubs in London. The team has a following of 19.4 million Instagram followers who actively engage with the club daily.



If you are to have a conversation with an Italian soccer fan, you will not finish it before you hear them talk about Juventus. It is estimated that Juventus has a fan base of 440 million fans and is one of Italy’s greatest teams, winning the Italian league countless times. Juventus’ fame increased when it signed Cristiano Ronaldo, considered one of the finest soccer players. Ronaldo spent two years at Juventus, helping it win the Italian Serie A. The recent Euro that Italy won promoted the club’s fame as most of the Italian squad was drawn from it.

Manchester United

The club is ranked among those with the richest soccer history and heritage. It dominated soccer for many years, lifting 20 Premier League cups. It has attained local and international success, thrice taking the Champions League victory. The club’s jersey has been the best-selling Jersey worldwide, a testimony to how the club has a huge fan base worldwide. The team’s success has helped it attract some of the world’s best talents; the most notable mention is Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano started his career at United before making his switch to Madrid. He rejoined United in the latest career stages, making one of the greatest soccer fairy tales. On Instagram, United enjoys 41 million followers, greater than many of its local rivals.

Real Madrid

You cannot talk about successful soccer teams without mentioning the finest ones in Europe. Real Madrid is now regarded as the Champions League king, and in every Champions tournament, it’s always among the favorites. It’s considered the most-liked team with the biggest fan base. It has a rich history and is still replicating its history in present times. It has 69 domestic titles, comprising 35 La Liga victories. If you want to know how real the club is, wait for El Clasico, which is often considered the biggest rivalry worldwide. The El Clasico tickets often sell out within a few days, and the stadium is usually packed to the brim, highlighting the club’s huge fan base. The club has the highest number of Champions titles (14) than any other team that has played in the tournament. Its latest title was in the 2021-2022 season when it defeated Liverpool in the finals. In the last season, it was not too far away from the title and was edged by Manchester City, who went on to win.

Final Thoughts

Soccer is perhaps the most popular game with a huge fan base. Many teams enjoy millions of fans all across the globe. England’s most famous teams include Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Chelsea. The league played in England is regarded as the most popular soccer tournament globally, and the high representation of English squads amongst the famous teams is proof of the tournament’s popularity. In Italy, Juventus has won many hearts across the globe with its numerous victories. France’s PSG has also enjoyed a huge fan base by recruiting some of the best players across Europe. In Spain, Barcelona and Real Madrid have a huge following promoted by their UCL success and the numerous finest players they have had in their ranks over time.