Most Popular Backend Frameworks – 2012/2023

With 2023 also comes new videos and new analysis. In fact, in this new article we analyze the Most Popular Backend Frameworks (2012/2023). That is the evolution of the most popular Backend Frameworks from January 2012 to January 2023 (last available update). The data in the video are calculated based on the stars in the GitHub archive. But in the article we will see and analyze other parameters as well. Most Popular Backend Frameworks – 2012/2023.

Most Popular Backend Frameworks 2023

But let’s start first by answering a question. What are Backend Frameworks? Backend frameworks are server-side programming language libraries that help build the backend structure of a website. Backend frameworks provide ready-made components to develop a dynamic web application. (Source: Kelltontech).

Having said that, the next question is this. What are the most popular Backend Frameworks from 2012 to 2023? Which ones lead the ranking? In the video below you can see the top 15 from the last ten years. Below I will break down the data from the last few years.