Mail Order Bride Statistics 2023-2024

Mail order marriages may date as far back as the 18th century, during the times of the American Frontier, but this type of relationship has undergone quite a lot of changes over the years.

At first, it was a simple exchange of letters between single men and women who had met via newspaper ads. Later on, mail order agencies started getting involved, which led to a lot of scams as these for-profit businesses tried their best to arrange as many marriages as possible, with little concern for the actual compatibility between the people they were matching together.

The era of the Internet has breathed a new life into the mail order marriage niche, however, as modern international dating websites allow people from all across the globe to communicate and date freely with each other without the need for an agency or a broker intermediary. 

Key Mail Order Bride Statistics for 2023-2024

We have derived the majority of the following statistics from international marriage and foreign spouse trends according to the official K-1 visa statistics for the US in 2023-2024. Here are the key stats to take note of:

  • The vast majority of mail order brides today are between the ages of 20 to 30, but there are many older women on various mail order bride sites as well.
  • The most popular country for mail order brides per capita continues to be the Philippines, even though a number of other Asian, Eastern European, and Latin countries are trying to catch up. African countries continue to be relatively unpopular as far as mail order brides are concerned.
  • 2023 saw the approval of 19,825 K-1 spousal visas in the US, which is on par with previous years (21,351 in 2022 and 19,218 in 2020), but is still lower than 2016’s record of over 37,000 K-1 visas in a single year.
  • The vast majority – over 70% – of K-1 visa recipients are gainfully employed.
  • The approval rates for K-1 visas continue to hold steadily high, indicating a relatively low percentage of attempted spousal visa scams. In 2023, the approval rate is 85.82%, compared to 82.22% in 2021, 70.5% in 2015, and 71,35% in 2013.
  • Just as there are countries where mail order brides most commonly come from, there are also countries and states that are the most common destinations of mail order brides. In the US, in 2023-2024, the five most popular states for mail order brides were New York, Texas, California, Florida, and Washington.

According to some estimates, there are well over 100,000 foreign women who identify themselves as “mail order brides” every year. As tens of thousands of those get married every year, however, this means you can have a chance to interact with multiple hundred thousands – or potentially millions – of mail order brides over the span of just a few years.

Curiously, only about 10% of mail order brides successfully find husbands online. This means that even though there certainly continue to be more men than women on most mail order bride websites, there is still an abundance of mail order brides out there waiting for the right partner for them.

What Are the Best Mail Order Bride Sites in 2023-2024?

The more popular the mail order marriage niche gets, the more international dating sites and apps pop up. Not all such sites are as safe and trustworthy, however, and users are still strongly advised to only use reputable websites and to even then take precautions.

As of 2023-2024, one of the main sites in this niche we’d recommend as a hub of information and a source of reputable international dating sites is BridesUniverse. As for specific dating sites we’d recommend, as of 2023-2024 we’d suggest the following:

  • SakuraDate – a long-standing favorite for Western men looking for Asian mail order brides, SakuraDate continues to be one of the most trustworthy sites in 2024.
  • SofiaDate – a very smooth and elegant international dating platform that specializes in connecting Western men with women from Eastern Europe.
  • AsianMelodies – another great option for those looking for relationships with mail order brides from both East and Southeast Asia, as well as the Middle East.
  • LoverWhirl – a less talked about but quite safe and trustworthy site for Western men looking for mail order brides.
  • OrchidRomance – an excellent and popular international dating platform that has long-been many people’s go-to for mail order bride relationships.
  • BravoDate – a top-notch and trustworthy dating site for men who are looking for European mail order brides to date.
  • LatinFeels – as the name suggests, LatinFeels specializes in mail order brides from most Latin American countries.
  • EasternHoneys – a vast international dating platform with excellent profile verification features for Western men and Asian mail order brides.

What Does the Future of Mail Order Marriages Hold?

Mail order marriages are an ever-changing and expanding niche. While the K-1 visa applications and approvals have remained fairly steady in the US in 2023-2024 compared to previous years, there is no denying that the number of mail order brides online is increasing, the number of international dating sites is also growing, and other countries are joining in on the practice.

While we can’t read the future, by all accounts, the practice of mail order marriages is set to continue and there are no expectations that interest in mail order marriages is going to decrease or that such relationships will be made illegal anywhere any time soon.

The only places that have “bans” on mail order marriages are the Vatican and the Philippines, but the former does so for religious reasons, while the latter’s ban applies to mail order marriage agencies, not to standard relationships between people who have met on dating sites. So, it seems that the future of mail order relationships is indeed bright. 

In Conclusion

Mail order bride statistics in 2023-2024 show an expected development of the niche. Safety seems to be relatively high, considering the high K-1 visa approval rates, and many of the presumed safe and reputable mail order bride sites of the past few years have once again improved their security and profile verification measures, and have continued growing their databases.

This indicated that, should current trends hold, the concept of mail order bride marriages is going to thrive for a long time to come. This doesn’t mean, however, that scams and fraud are non-existent, and both male and female users are still encouraged to do their best to stay safe while dating other people online.