Hyundai Cars Design – Unveiling the Key Principles

It looks like high demand in Hyundai leases in Miami, as well as in many other US metro areas is not going to roll down for at least a few coming years. Yes, the specials of the Korean automaker have a lot to offer to the lessees – from reliability to affordable prices. Still, we are sure that the design of its vehicles is another key strength, so we are going to explore all the design concepts which guide Hyundai for the time being.

What Is the Leading Design Concept for Hyundai?

The design philosophy which figured out the direction of building up-to-date Hyundai cars is known as “Sensuous Sportiness”. Its key principle is a seamless mix of captivating emotional appeal with cutting-edge engineering solutions, and integrating driver’s taste and vision into the style, structure, inherent beauty and proportion became its focus.

Also, the automaker applies so-called chess-like strategy. It means that it offers different designs for its models instead of maintaining a consistent and typical family look for the entire range of vehicles. As the brand’s authorities assure, it is the best way to cater to the unique styles and tastes of their customers.

Still, though the cars by the Korean automaker may vary in exterior, there are some design details which present all the models as a cohesive group – and pixel lights are just one of these features, though we can name many other features which let us see at once what the car belongs to.

Besides, Hyundai also states three car making aspects as its key priority:

  1. Structure: Here, the innovative design aimed to cross the boundaries of form and function is implied.
  2. Proportion: Using ratio to express the model’s personality is an approach the automaker insists on.
  3. Styling: Pure volume and sharp line become the tools for reaching absolute harmony.

Hyundai EV Cars – What Makes Their Design So Special?

Electric vehicles by the Korean brand make a good share of Hyundai deals in Miami according to the statistics provided by Grand Prix Auto Center, the local car leasing company. In fact, their appearance is another reason to sign up for one of them.

The philosophy applied for Hyundai EVs was named “Timeless Design”. Its key features are the following:

  • Parametric Pixel design elements (in lamps, first of all) to present a link between analog and digital world.
  • Seamless Horizon concept implying special front design, flush-type door handles, prominent grille design, and frameless doors.
  • Unique lines which help to reach perfect aerodynamics.

So, this is how Hyundai’s design philosophy offers to start an engaging journey and flawlessly blend the design into the lives of its customers. As the experts of Grand Prix Auto Center say, it really works, as the future lessees are usually amazed by these cars from the first sight!