How to Improve the Quality of Your Essays

You’ll be required to write different essays when undertaking your college studies. For an argumentative essay, the instructor requires you to pick a stance on an issue and defend your point of view using evidence. In a narrative essay, you write a fictional or a real story on an event, place, or occurrence. Other college essays include process essays, descriptive essays, and compare-and-contrast papers.

Essay topics vary depending on what you cover in class. You can have an essay on climate change this week and another on youth unemployment next week. Regardless of the complexity of the topic issued, you should submit a top-quality piece to receive a good grade.

Writing a top-grade essay isn’t easy. You must understand all the instructions, include impressive content, and write like an expert. Let’s check out some crucial tips for improving the quality of your essays.

Understand Instructions

Essay instructions play crucial roles in determining how your piece will turn out. For instance, they determine the type of content you should present to your instructor. Overlooking any of the guidelines will mean that the paper won’t fully match the quality standards set by the instructor. So it’s vital to read all the guidelines.

What are the guidelines that come with essays? In most cases, the instructor will the sources you should use. For instance, you may be prohibited from using certain sources – stick to that guideline. Other aspects that you must adhere to as you compose your essay include the sections to include, examples to use, word count, and how to format the piece.

After completing the essay, review the rubric to ascertain that you’ve addressed all the items. Turn in the essay when you’re sure you didn’t overlook anything.

Pick Excellent Essay Topics

The topic is the professor’s first look at when reviewing your assignment. So it sets the mood for the essay. If you have a mediocre one, your instructor may not have the motivation to read the essay. Be careful and pick only the best topics, just like hiring a professional essay writing service.

You can complete your composition first and then write the topic later. That way, you’ll ensure the paper’s content is related to the topic. For the best results, pick a subject of discussion you’re passionate about and easy to discuss from your standpoint.

Select the Best Content Sources

The quality of the content you present determines the comprehensiveness of your paper. The instructor expects a paper with exhaustive explanations and relevant examples. If not, you score low marks.

Ensure you can identify authentic sources of information. You don’t want to include unverified information in your essay. You can use your college notes. But since they might not be enough, you should pick good sources from your college library and other credible online sources.

Take short notes to ensure you don’t forget anything during the writing process. Also, citing any information you obtain from an external source is important. Therefore, collect source details such as the author’s name, the year it was published, and its title. A good source should have the following characteristics:

  • Should be current.
  • Have verifiable information.
  • Discuss the topic exhaustively.

Organize Your Paper Appropriately

The essay should discuss critical issues on the topic in question. But the information should be presented so the professor easily understands it. So the discussion should flow seamlessly. Simply put, the essay should be well-organized.

Your introductory paragraph should be enticing. Begin by presenting an intriguing fact on the topic. Also, you should have a clear thesis statement. Write it last or edit it after you finish your essay to ensure it reflects the paper’s content.

Your essay’s body section should address the specific components of the topic. The topic sentences should announce the idea you discuss in the paragraph. Also, support the idea with evidence and use transition phrases for the discussion to flow smoothly. Don’t mix different ideas in one paragraph – it will confuse the professor.

The conclusion should recap the paper’s key points and link them to the thesis. Also, leave the ready with final thoughts and don’t present new ideas.

Singing Off

Your essay should meet the quality requirements of your professor to score high marks. But for even better results, pick a good topic, use credible information sources, and present your discussion well-structured. And never forget to proofread your essay before submitting it.