How is Big Data Transforming the Gaming Industry?

Big data is transforming every industry, making things run more efficiently and driving innovation. In the gaming sector, its influence has been dramatic, and it has even changed the way titles are marketed and played. Companies in the ever-expanding gaming industry are leveraging the power of big data, and this is leading to improved gaming experiences and increased revenue.

Big data’s impact has been witnessed across different branches of gaming, and each offshoot of the behemoth industry is learning from the others.

Mobile Gaming

Since the start of the 2010s, mobile gaming has been the fastest growing division of the gaming industry. In 2022, it was worth around $110 billion, and it is expected to grow more in the years ahead. With millions of players indulging in a diverse range of genres, there’s a lot of data available for analysis. By using this information, developers can create the best possible games for their target audience.

A lot of big data in the mobile market involves analysing how players interact with games. This includes the levels they are struggling on, how long they play for, and whether or not they are making in-game purchases. By observing all these details, developers can improve and enhance titles that are already live.

A prime example of this is Supercell’s Clash of Clans. The hugely successful title has become one of the mobile gaming market’s greatest hits thanks to the Finnish company’s use of big data. The developers then adjust aspects to refine the balance and generate a more satisfying gaming experience.

Casino Gaming

The casino industry ballooned in size alongside mobile gaming, and a lot of the time the two offshoots went hand in hand. Indeed, many casino players now enjoy titles from their mobile rather than desktop. For example, players looking for a fun, new casino to try will see that all of the top-rated options can be played from a portable device. These include sites like Club Riches, which has a 150 percent deposit match bonus, and The Clubhouse Casino, which is offering 150 free spins on Book of Dead.

One of the most notable methods of collecting big data in the online casino industry is through player tracking systems. These can collect information about how players interact with casino games, such as the bet sizes and how often they play certain titles. This can then lead to personalised marketing campaigns and offers, tailoring the experience to the needs and wants of the players.

Console Gaming

While moving at a slower pace than mobile and casino, console gaming is still enjoying great success in 2023. These games generated $51.8 billion in 2022, and companies in the industry are using big data to stay relevant.

Big data is making it possible for console developers to improve titles in their series greatly every time. This leads to new instalments regularly outdoing their predecessors commercially and critically. For example, the Assassin’s Creed games from Ubisoft get better every time thanks to the studio’s use of big data. It’s utilised to discover things like which levels gave players the most enjoyment, and what type of characters they like.

There’s no doubt that big data has had a massive impact on gaming already, and it’s helping different offshoots of the industry to evolve. Game studios need to leverage the power this gives them over their development so that they can deliver the best gaming experiences possible.