Get More Instagram Live Views With 3 Simple Tips

The development of social networks does not stand still, new trends, content formats and promotion tools are being formed. Instagram is no exception – here developers keep up with the times and include more and more opportunities for creators in terms of creativity. One of these features is live video. Live broadcasts are used everywhere today, both by entrepreneurs and influencers who want to be in touch with current followers and expand their audience. 

We created this article to destroy all the myths and stereotypes that have developed around live video in IG and help bloggers and businessmen improve their live events and attract as many new viewers as possible, thereby improving account statistics, engagement and reach. Today we’ll share simple but effective tips to promote live video, including the ability to buy Instagram live views, which will allow you to immediately get as many interactions from users as you want. Keep reading!

  1. Invite interesting guests

When it comes to organic promotion on the platform, many beginners fall into a stupor and don’t know where to start. Generally speaking, everything is a little simpler than it may seem at first glance. Sometimes, in order to attract more new viewers, it is enough to use the tools of collaborations. How? Everything is simple here, but first of all you need to determine your target audience and the main niche.  Think about who might be interested in your live videos and how you can make them the most attractive through collaborations. 

As an example: if you are promoting your professional crypto account, it will be great to invite a guest who has had experience in this business and has reached a certain income. It’s great if this is your student, whom you were able to lead to a result, in which case the trust in your profile will grow and you’ll attract a new audience. 

What is the advantage of collaborations? In simple terms, you get more Instagram live views because your live video is broadcast on two accounts at once, that is, the audience of the invited guest is also yours. A great tool to improve the visibility of your page in the online community!

  1. Invest in your page 

Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to get the desired result and instantly grow your live video is an investment. They can be different – hire specialists, invest in targeted advertising or buy real views. But there is a big difference between these methods, in the first two cases you won’t get any guarantees. Yes, probably after a while your live videos will get more views, but when this happens is unknown. That’s why creators who need results here and now prefer paid incentives. Using them, they are sure that there will be exactly as many views as they bought. Plus, this tool is cheaper than the others – only a couple of dollars and now several hundred real ones (this is the keyword!) views on your video. 

Incentives from decent advertising companies are a good tool that you should know about. This way you can not only save most of your marketing budget, but also get instant results in two clicks.

  1. Announce your live events

Last but not least, inform your fans about  live events in advance. You can do this through posts or Stories, the main rule is to announce at least 48 or 24 hours before the start. Bonus tip: Use a countdown sticker, so potential viewers won’t miss your stream. Good luck!