FTX bankruptcy freezes millions worth of crypto-company funds

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Cryptocurrency is the exchange of money in the form of cryptographic hashes. People think it has “safety” features that stop it from being traded more than once, keep track of it, and stop it from being copied or hacked in some way.

Regulators and people who follow the market say that FTX is one of the most open crypto operations. It was also one of the most critical places where digital assets were traded. The FTX was one of the most important markets for buying and selling these digital assets.

The FTX cryptocurrency exchange’s failure is still affecting the market as a whole. Many businesses that work with cryptocurrency say that FTX still holds much of their money.

From November 11 to November 14, three cryptocurrency companies said they had lost a lot of money. To fix the problem, one of these companies had to fire people.

On November 11, Galois Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund, said it had blocked “major money” on FTX. On November 12, the Financial Times reported that Galois’s assets on the exchange could be worth as much as $50 million.

The company that owns the cryptocurrency platform Hbit Limited, New Huo Technology, said on November 14 that it had been unable to withdraw $18.1 million worth of bitcoin before FTX stopped letting people withdraw money. Hbit Limited is based in Hong Kong.

FTX’s bankruptcy would affect its finances if it didn’t get the money in the future.A Nigerian Web3 company called Nestcoin said it couldn’t get money out of FTX. On November 14, the company’s CEO, Yele Bademosi, wrote a letter to investors and put it on Twitter.

On November 11, FTX said that its FTX Group includes about 130 companies, one of which is FTX, based in the United States.

When FTX ran out of money and couldn’t handle customer withdrawals, US and its sister trading firm, Alameda Research, said they would go bankrupt in the US. Because of this, FTX customers who had stored money on the exchange couldn’t get it.

On November 10, the securities regulator in the Bahamas put a hold on the company’s Bahamas subsidiary, FTX Digital Markets, and named liquidators to protect the company’s money while bankruptcy procedures were done.

Why shouldn’t FTX be shut down right now?

It took FTX more than a week to send in the “first-day” paperwork that explains what the company did and how it went out of business. A company about to fail did not get off to a good start. When John Ray, the new CEO of FTX, told the court on November 17 that the company’s instability was “unprecedented,” it was clear why the trial had been put off.

People left the exchange because they thought FTX needed to hold more cash. Ultimately, the company decided to sell itself to a competitor, Binance. Binance was still looking at FTX’s balance sheet as part of its due diligence, so the deal did not go through.

This week, something shocking happened in Bankman-Fried. Earlier this year, he was seen as a hero when he helped several Bitcoin companies with money problems. Things got worse for Bankman-Fried during the week. His estimated net worth is more than $23 billion, and he has given much money to Democratic Party campaigns.