Focus on skills is the driving force of the Aussie games industry

During the last couple of decades, the video games industry has enjoyed phenomenal growth and shifted perceptions, becoming one of the most popular hobbies and activities in modern society. Data for 2023 indicates that more than 3 billion people now consider themselves to be regular gamers, while an impressive culture now exists around gaming thanks to enhanced communications.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, gaming was often regarded as being something of a fringe activity, when majority of people would play games alone. But once the internet arrived and became widespread, then mobile communications took global connectivity to an entirely new level, exposure to gaming platforms and options quite literally boomed. One country experiencing the positives of that boom in growth and engagement is Australia.

According to information published by IGN at the end of 2022, statistics indicate that the Australian game development industry has doubled in size since 2016, which is massive growth for one sector of business in a single country. Just to emphasise the point, employment figures have shown that in video game development, more than 770 new jobs were created through 2022 alone, indicating the nation “Down Under” has become an international gaming hub.

Games developer skills are in high demand

Based upon financial data sourced by Academy Xi at the conclusion of 2022, the global gaming industry is expected to be worth almost $300 billion by 2024, with 83% of gaming revenue in Australia coming from overseas. They also highlighted that right now, the demand and salary in Australia for games developers is reaching unprecedented levels. This is undoubtedly great news for anyone who is eager to forge themselves a promising career within the industry.

Now fully recognised as being a strong contributor to the local economy, the Australian government has provided various incentives and tax breaks, aiming to encouraged companies and highly skilled professionals to their shores. This has led to projections for 25% growth in demand for games developers over the next five years, albeit with acknowledgement of a possible skills shortage, which inevitably fuels the rise in potential job earnings.

Most employment studies indicate that in 2023, games developers earn an average of around $100k per year, although that can rise quickly and especially for those with key skills and niche specialisations. These include proficiencies in various programming languages, familiarity with the latest gaming trends, analytical and creative thinking capabilities, plus attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure.

Following their most recent statistical investigations and reports, the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association in Australia provided a comprehensive snapshot of gaming jobs. Programmers and engineers account for 33% of the current games development workforce, followed by 26% who work as artists. Based on the numbers, 12% of gaming industry jobs are in management, administration, and marketing, while 9% are classified as designers.

Growing audience demand for skill-based games

While the numbers for Australia showcase the high demand for skilled games developers, there’s a similar theme trending within the audience they are aiming to reach. In fact, based upon the insightful thoughts of one leading industry expert via Forbes, exploring the untapped potential of skill-based games is highly recommended, given this particular niche is expected to become one of the most popular in the coming years.

One segment of the broader games industry has already taken great strides in this regard. Although the iGaming sector is perhaps best known for games of chance and luck, which is typically synonymous with the most popular online pokies for real money in Australia, developers are now introducing more skill-based elements to the spinning reels. These features bring players enhanced features and greater control.

While researching and reviewing the best online casino sites for pokies, experts at Gamble Online Australia have observed the increasing demand for skill-based games. While this has usually been the realm of card games like poker or blackjack, where strong observation and numerical skills are clearly beneficial, some of the latest pokies now have gaming elements in which good hand-eye coordination and reaction times are useful skills for players to have.

Although chance and luck remains an intrinsic part of playing pokies, participants can unlock bonus features when symbols and icons align, bringing exciting bonus features that challenge players to test their skills and enhance their winning potential. Some involve Quite Time Events (QTE), where the speed and timing of their own reactions can make all the difference, while others are based interactive aspects that are commonplace in various gaming niches.

Gaming has become far more than just a hobby

As the data for Australia clearly demonstrates, both for those making the games and their constantly growing audience of consumers, the vital ingredient of skill has become paramount for developers and gamers alike. Skill is now an intrinsic part of creating and playing the latest games, which is only going to increase as this multi-billion dollar industry seeks to continue innovating and captivating participants.