Evolution of Coronavirus Deaths in the World – Per million inhabitants – Top 15 Country

The top 15 nations in the world by number of deaths from Coronavirus (per million inhabitants) comparison.

In this video we show the data on deaths from Coronavirus (Covid-19) per million inhabitants in the world’s top 15 nations.
Evolution of Coronavirus Deaths Per million inhabitants.

Coronavirus evolution in Italy, Spain, US and other countries

As you can see China was at the beginning of the pandemic always in first place, only to be overtaken by many countries in Europe. Currently the country with the most deaths per 1 million inhabitants is Spain followed by Belgium which has had a very strong growth in recent days and Italy. The top 10 places for coronavirus deaths per 1 million inhabitants are occupied by countries in Europe, while in eleventh place there is the United States of America, which despite being the first country for number of swabs, tests and total deaths, proportionally are less than 80 deaths per 1 million inhabitants.

Data source: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/