Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses 

Email marketing is a must for every business. And here’s why. People send and receive approximately 290 billion emails every single day. Can you imagine this? That’s crazy!

You may think, “Is email marketing worth it in 2024?”. Of course! It’s still possible to get an incredible 44x ROI from it if you do everything correctly. You need to master 3 things: email design, email copy, and email subject lines.

Engage the Best Email Marketing

There are thousands of email marketing tools like HTML email editor. Thus, it’s easy to get confused about which to pick. 

“How do I find the best email marketing service for small business? What should I consider?”. Here’s a short list:   

  1. price
  2. database size
  3. automation level
  4. analytics
  5. other additional features 

We’ve created a list of the best email marketing service providers to make things easier. 

Top 4 Email Marketing Services

Of course, we encourage you to do your own research. Still, you can opt for one of the top 4 email marketing services from the list below.  


Stripo kicks off our list of top email marketing services. This is a top-notch drag-and-drop that enables you to create beautiful designs for your newsletters quickly and easily. 

Stripo has a lot of positive reviews (over 230) on Capterra and G2. That’s a great sign of a quality email marketing tool. They have over 1450 email templates in 6 categories, like 

  • creative emails, 
  • newsletters, 
  • trigger emails, 
  • holiday emails, 
  • event emails, 
  • and custom-made templates. 

You can pick one of the email templates you like most, tweak it, add your branding, and copy to it, and voila. You are ready to go. These templates make your emails look professional and sweet. The best part? You don’t have to know HTML code. It’s a real find for business owners. 


AWeber stands out as the best small business email marketing service. It’s a big name in the world of email marketing. Aweber has a lot of amazing tools that make managing your email campaigns easier.

It’s super easy to start using AWeber. It works well with many platforms, like WordPress. 

A free plan is really limited. You can have only 500 subscribers. 

AWeber gives you an excellent opportunity to benefit from awesome features like segmentation, AMP emails, and automatic email updates from your blog. And don’t forget about well-designed HTML email templates, A/B testing tools, and advanced analytics. 

You can get help via live chat, phone, or email. Feel free to take advantage of their free webinars and tutorials.


ConvertKit makes email campaigns super easy. It’s all about giving you top performance and saving you time. With ConvertKit, you can set up automated customer funnels in a few clicks. It’s user-friendly, powerful, and more budget-friendly than many other options.

Are you starting out? ConvertKit’s free plan is a great choice. It offers unlimited templates of landing pages and email forms. It allows you to manage up to 1,000 subscribers.

As your audience grows, ConvertKit’s paid plans are flexible. They start from $9 and adjust based on your number of subscribers. It’s a scalable solution for your growing email marketing needs.

ConvertKit is another great tool for email campaigns. Thanks to this platform, you can enjoy increased productivity and save time. Feel free to automate various email marketing tasks and create funnels in a few clicks. It’s super affordable and user-friendly. Forget about HTML code. Use the ConvertKit drag-and-drop editor to craft unique emails that convert.


Intercom is more than just a live chat tool. It improves your marketing workflow with chatbots and seamless chat integrations.

Intercom enables you to send custom in-app messages. You’re not limited to text. Feel free to add images, videos, emojis, and even apps to make your marketing messages stand out. The best part? You can pick from various message styles easily. There is no need to hire an expensive developer. This is one of the top email marketing services for small businesses.


Email marketing has been forecasted as one of the most effective and easy-to-use marketing tools in 2024. Thus, making it unique with the best email marketing services will be a vital part of a business strategy.