Different cryptocurrencies for individuals to know

With the evolution of technology, cryptocurrencies have made a name in the retail sector. Individuals are now using cryptocurrencies to buy goods from online and offline shops. There are several benefits to utilizing crypto coins and tokens and can eventually help in revenue growth by trading. Various web portals and platforms like www.bitcoin-clever.com are providing services for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. These are quite legal in many countries and the rates differ from time to time.

Using these portals, individuals can check for the change in rates of the respective crypto coins and get a detailed analysis of how the process works. Buying them is easy but it is generally important to check with experts for their predictive rate in the future. Checking the ups and downs in the graph and its longevity in the market, getting a good crypto coin can be beneficial for the coming days. But inter-day moves can be high in this market, as it is highly volatile in nature. So, you need to invest your funds on a reliable crypto currency.

Different cryptocurrencies for individuals to invest 

There are a variety of cryptocurrencies available in the market and with each passing day more and more are filling up the spaces. It is always advisable to have a thorough check on the different cryptocurrencies available before finalizing a deal. Cryptocurrencies tend to change in rate over time and thus in-depth knowledge is required to find the best one.

Bitcoin or BTC cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has been going around in the market since the mid of 2009 and is still been acknowledged as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy. This crypto coin was developed by an individual with the fake name Satoshi Nakamoto. Using a blockchain method, this cryptocurrency is used traditionally by writing down in ledgers and forwarding it to other servers around the world. Bitcoin was released at $0 in 2009 which is now tending to a price range of $45000 term. Experts in the field are expecting the price to reach a whopping $100000 for a single Bitcoin in the near future. Even, people think that it can replace the fiat currency in future. However, it is a digital asset that can be considered as a long-term investment option.

Ethereum or ETH cryptocurrency

Ethereum is another cryptocurrency that has attained a good market value in recent times. Though it has had innumerable crashes in price rates, Ethereum can be a bet to roll for. Ethereum started with a market value of $11 and then reached a pivotal point of $3000 for a single coin. Ethereum had a massive drop in charts during June 2019 when it dropped to around $1800. Changes are constant in this field and finding the best crypto coins can essentially generate money.

Dogecoin or DOGE cryptocurrency

Dogecoin is a recent addition to the cryptocurrency market and has been predicted to have a high market value in recent years. Elon Musk’s statement of stopping transactions using Bitcoin for Tesla products had an effect with a serious drop in the graph. Tesla is now accepting Dogecoin for purchasing its different products. Dogecoin, on the other hand, is cheaper than Bitcoin or Ethereum and stands at a market value of around $0.06 per coin. But, it is a meme coin that can be mine in an infinite level, and it can lead to inflation.

Litecoin or LTC cryptocurrency

This crypto coin also works on blockchain technology as Bitcoin and was developed by an engineer named Charlie Lee. This cryptocurrency is more or less similar to the native Bitcoins and is considered one of the primal ancestors in this field. Developed in 2011, this crypto coin had reached a milestone of about $400 in the last couple of years after which it witnessed a sheer drop of over 45 percent in market value. Litecoin is considered one of the most essential cryptocurrencies in the market and stands at a market value of $100 per coin.


Among the different cryptocurrencies available, Bitcoin is considered the most expensive crypto coin for buying. The rates change according to the functioning of the market and it is essential to have good research and knowledge before setting afoot in this domain. Market flexibility is quite high and changes ought to happen with drops in graphs.