War in Ukraine - Data - Statistics and Data

War in Ukraine – Data

On this page of the site you can find live coverage from Kyiv and some data in the comparison between Russia and Ukraine. From the number of inhabitants to the number of military personnel. From the number of nuclear warheads to the GDP. War in Ukraine – Data

Live Webcams From Ukraine | Kyiv – 13 April 2022

Russia Population 1992/2022

Ukraine Population 1992/2022

Russia GDP 1992/2020

Ukraine GDP 1992/2020

Other interesting data

NATO Country

Nato Countries from 1949 to 2022

With Russia’s attack on Ukraine, many people are wondering what NATO is. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is one of the world’s leading international institutions.

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Ukraine War

Ukraine War

All the events of the war in Ukraine on one page. This page updates all events in the war between Russia and Ukraine since 1

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