Top christmas movies

Christmas is only a few days away. And like any self-respecting Christmas, it’s time for the classics. From the Grinch to Home Alone, there are several films that are re-released at the end of December. In this new article we look at the top Christmas films. We will look at various rankings including the highest-grossing films, those with the highest ratings, etc.

Best Christmas movies

Let’s start with a first question. Which are the Christmas films that have grossed the most at the box office? To answer this question we will use data from Box Office Mojo. The highest grossing film at Christmas is a classic: Home Alone. Released in 1990, this film grossed 285 million US dollars. The film – which also received Oscar nominations for Best Score and Best Song – is in fact the highest grossing Christmas film in history. In second place among the highest-grossing films is Dr Seuss’ The Grinch. Released in 2018, the “anti-Christmas” film had revenues in excess of €270 million. And in third place among the films that have grossed the most we always find the Grinch with: How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The film, released in 2000 and lasting 105 minutes, is based on the book by Dr. Seuss. With Jim Carry’s fantastic performance, it won the Oscar for best make-up, among other things. This film from 2000 was for a long time the second biggest selling film at the box office. It was only surpassed in 2018 by the third Grinch adaptation.

If we said that The Grinch has two films in the top three positions, one from 2000 and another from 2018, it is also true that something similar happened to two other films. Home Alone which was followed by 1992’s Home Alone 2 which is in fourth position among the top selling films with almost $174 million. And The Santa Clause. The 1994 version is in seventh position. The Santa Clause 2 is in eighth position with $139 million. And The Santa Clause 3, from 2006 is in twelfth position.

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