Top 100 Crypto Growths in the Last 24 Hours

In the last few hours, the price of many Cryptos has gone back up. After difficult weeks, where Bitcoin had fallen by a few thousand dollars, Cryptos seem to be having a new upswing in recent moments. In today’s article we will see which Cryptos have gone up the most in the last 24 hours and the last 7 days. In addition we are going to analyze, as we often do in this channel, the top Cryptos in the world by market capitalization. Obviously, this article is not intended to be advice on what to invest in. We simply want to show the most recent trends of Cryptocurrencies through data. Enjoy reading!

Top 100 Crypto Growths in the Last 24 Hours

Which cryptos have grown the most in the last few hours? The article I am writing is as of 6.45pm on 29 June 2021. Leading this ranking is Ethereum Classic. With a variation of +28.76% ETC is now priced at $55.79 per ETC. ETC’s growth has also been very strong over the past 7 days. In fact, the price has almost doubled, with +46.34%. In second place we find Elrond (EGLD) which has had a price growth in this last day of +20.75%. Again, EGLD’s growth is not just daily, but weekly. Those who invested a week ago saw their value rise by +36.75%. In third place is Internet Computer. With a change of almost 20%, or 19.92% to be precise, this crypto reached the price of $51.58.

Among the cryptos that have had a variation between 10% and 20% we find, in addition to Internet Computer, 15 other cryptos. They range from COSMOS (Atom) which reached the price of $11.99 with a variation of 16.62% more to Zcash which had a similar variation of +16%. Among the Cryptos with the highest positive percentage change over the past 24 years, the top Crypto by highest 7-day change is SHIBA. Shiba not only had a very short term growth of 15.29%, but grew in just 7 days by 42.41%. As I often repeat in articles, this is not to say that you should invest in this or that Cryptocurrency or not. But this is simply an analysis of the prices that in the last 24 hours have undergone strong accelerations.

Top 100 Cryptocurrencies by price and market capitalisation

Thanks to this graphical tool I recently created using CoinmarketCap’s API, you can see the top 100 Cryptos by price and market capitalisation. The peculiarity of this chart is that it is interactive. By clicking on a single Crypto you can see the different data. These include the distribution of the market capitalisation of the individual Crypto compared to the rest.

Top Cryptocurrency by Market Capitalization – 2013/2021

But what are the top 15 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation? The data in this case refer to 27 June 2021. In first place, a few days ago, we found Bitcoin with a market capitalisation of $649,461,677,014. A much higher figure than the other cryptos. But ETH has had a decidedly high growth in the last period. If last year ETH had a value between 35 and 40 billion in market capitalisation, as of 27 June 2021 the figure is $230,473,556,118. Crypto Tether, Binance Coin, Cardano, Dogecoin and XRP follow among the top. Solana, which recently entered the Coinbase wallet, is also among the top 15.

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