Top 10 Arcade Games for Android – 2012/2021

Raise your hand if you’ve never played Angry Birds! In this new article we will analyze the most popular games on Android. The data refers (in the video) to the total number of ratings. But in the article we will see to see other interesting data such as the most downloaded games in the world for Android in total. The period examined is from 2012 to 2021. Enjoy reading: Top 10 Arcade Games for Android – 2012/2021.

Top 10 Arcade Games for Android – 2012/2021

Let’s start with an initial data point. What was the most popular Android game, by rating number in mid-2012? In first position was Angry Birds. The video game made by the Finnish company Rovio Mobile, published on December 11, 2009, was already the most rated game in the world in 2012. The number of evaluation on Google Play Store in July 2012 was about 1 million 225 thousand. Detached by about 500 thousand evaluation was Temple Run. This video game, published for Andorid on March 27, 2012 was developed in Washington, by the house Imangi Studios. Initially Temple Run was downloadable for a fee, at a cost of less than 1€. However, its great popularity grew when the game became free. In third place, again by number of ratings on the Play Store we find Paradise Island. The game, released in December 2010, had a total of about 587,900 ratings in mid-2012. Among the top 10 positions in 2012 we find no less than 3 other Angry Birds games. Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Space. Also in the top 10 are Blast Monkey, Frontline Commando, Anth Smasher Free and Airport City.

And if we move the hand of time to almost 10 years later, what are the 10 most popular games on Android? In first place we no longer find Angry Birds, which is still in sixth position with 5,687,361 total ratings, but Subway Surfers. Subway Surfers is the game in the world, on Android, that has received the most ratings. In fact, it has a figure of 35,665,901. Definitely higher than all the other games (which start from 8,445,000 down. This mobile game, co-developed by SYBO Games and Kiloo (Denmark) is a single player “Endless runner” game. Although it was first released on May 24, 2012, thanks to its continuous updates this game became the most downloaded game in the world in 2017. And in 2019, it became the first game on the Play Store to surpass one billion downloads. In the ranking of the most rated games it detaches Piano Titles 2 by about 27 million, which, as of today, is in second position with 8,445,050. Piano Titles 2 was released in August 2015 after the first version. Created by Heo Min Heol and Hu Wen Zeng, the goal of the game is to touch the black tiles present without making any mistakes. On the other hand, in third position we find Hungry Shark Evolution and followed by Geometry Dash Lite, Zombie Tsunamy, Sonic Dash and others. In the top 10 there is also the famous Fruit Ninka Free.

Most popular Android Games – 2021

So far we have seen the evolution of the 10 arcade games for android with the most ratings on the Play Store from 2012 to 2021. But what are the games in the world for android with the most downloads to date? In this case the data is not as accurate as the number of evaluation (which is tracked directly from the Play Store). But thanks to the data in the database it’s possible to get a rough idea.

In first place for number of downloads we find again Subway Surfers. The figure in this case is 1000.0M. Subway Surfers is therefore not the first game in the world, for Android, by number of total ratings as we saw in the video. But it is also the first game by number of downloads. In second place, equal, we find Fruit Ninja and Temple Run. These two games that by number of ratings were in eighth and tenth position respectively are in second place equal. In the first 10 positions we find Hungry Shark, Geometry Dash, Zombie Tsunamy and the ever-present Angry Birds.

Most-played mobile games by player count

We started by looking first at Android evaluation data and then at total installation data, again for Android. In this last part of the article I would like to show you, thanks to the data on Wikipeia, which are the most popular mobile games in the world. In this case, we take all the stores as a reference, including Apple of course.

In first position for number of downloads we find the already mentioned Subway Surfers but also PUGB Mobile and Pokemon Go. The data collected (approximate) speaks of about 1 billion downloads each for these three apps. To follow we find Clash Of Clans, Fruit Ninka and Candy Crush Saga with 500 million.Pokèmon Go represents a definitely particular case. In fact, launched in July 2016 in almost the entire world, it was the game on geolocated augmented reality with GPS that has been enormously successful. According to Apple Pokèmon Go was the most downloaded mobile app in the Apple Store in the first week of its launch, surpassing all other apps that had been very successful. In the ranking of games with the most downloads we also find the Super Mario mythos (with Super Mario Run) as well as Dragon Ball and other historical games.

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The article and the video were realised thanks to several sources. The video in particular was made using as a source, compared with other databases.

For the list of the most downloaded games in the world, the source is Wikipedia. Obviously for the rating data the rating is certain (you can also check it by going to the Google Play Store). For the total installations of games, the figure is indicative.

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