The top 5 online industries that have boomed in the 2020s

The roaring 20s… In the 2020s we’ve seen some industries reach new levels of popularity, and there are even new industries springing up all the time. In this guide, we’re exploring five of the industries that have boomed.

The casino industry

The casino industry has continued to grow and there are many new technologies driving this growth. You can bet with cryptocurrency, and you can play live casino games with real dealers, which wouldn’t have been possible a decade or so ago.

Changing legislation is one of the reasons why the casino industry is booming, you can now play at a real money casino in Canada as certain provinces are changing their rules and allowing you to play at third-party casinos for real money.

Casinos are getting better in terms of what they can offer people, with reliable mobile applications and faster withdrawals using crypto and online banking, as well as better connectivity and even more games, such as new variations of table games, and loads of slot games being released all the time. The casino industry is worth billions worldwide.


There are people who are sceptical about crypto, but let’s face it, it is here to stay. A quick look at the 100 top cryptocurrencies at the moment shows you how many successful crypto businesses there are out there, and that decentralised currency is experiencing a huge boom.

There are many different businesses that are also starting to accept cryptocurrency as payment, companies that accept certain crypto options include Microsoft, AT&T and coffee giants Starbucks. This shows that these currencies have broken through to the mainstream.

The global crypto population, which represents people who are using crypto, was shown to have increased by 178% in 2021, rising from 106 million at the start of the year to 295 million by the end of the year.

The travel industry

Travel is definitely an online industry, and while we visit the places in person, most of us check reviews and book our flights and accommodations online.

After people were so starved for travel in the early 2020s, the industry is starting to make a comeback. As well as being an industry that has boomed in 2020, and there were plenty of bookings in 2021, there are expected to be huge figures moving forward as people finally take the trips they have been deprived of.

The travel industry seems like a strange thing to include as it had a huge collapse at the start of the decade, but the bounce back is well and truly underway, and we don’t see it stopping any time soon.

The IT industry

The IT industry itself is what we need to enable all the other online industries. It has been growing for a long time now. It has boomed in the 2020s as well as in the decades that have preceded it.

The growth projections for the IT field are over 10% for the decade, which is pretty impressive when you consider what a huge industry IT already is. There is a huge demand for employees working in the industry, such as IT managers and systems analysts, as well as people working in cybersecurity.

IT is intrinsically linked with virtually everything we do in the modern age, in both our personal lives and in business. Virtually every single company relies on IT networks to function, and this isn’t going to change any time soon. If anything, it is going to continue to grow and evolve.

The online healthcare industry

Healthcare is growing in several locations around the world. This industry is mainly an in-person industry, but the online aspect is growing as technology helps us to tackle diseases and illnesses that are new, or ones that have been around for hundreds of years. People can now access support over the internet and order prescriptions they need.

On top of this, healthcare is experiencing a boom due to the fact that we have an ageing population, and life expectancies have become much longer, which means there are a lot of people out there who need healthcare support, products and even care. We’re already seeing a huge demand from this. In the coming years, there may be the demand for millions more people working in the industry.


There are always online industries growing and booming since having access to the internet became mainstream. Online shopping continues to grow, as well as many forms of entertainment such as streaming services, which have been popular for some time but continue to grow even in the 20s.

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