Sick of Writing Assignments? Here’s What to Do

The amount of writing most humanities students have to deal with during one term is immense. While STEM subjects may require a couple of serious written assignments, humanities are more demanding. The number of papers students have to complete may cloud their judgment and make them think their degree is actually useless. It’s typical when all you can think about is deadlines for a bunch of assignments.

So, it’s pretty normal if you have doubts regarding the path you’ve chosen. However, these days, a lot of students tend to find a way to concentrate on other aspects of learning and get rid of extra work. For example, they ask themselves (or Google), “can I pay someone to help write my paper?” – you may have been wondering the same lately. And, yes, you can easily delegate your written assignments to someone else, and here is a detailed guide on how to do it!


Step 1: Search For Essay Writing Services

Look for the services that provide:

  • an originality report
  • drafts
  • free revisions upon completion within a set timeframe
  • safe and time-proven payment methods
  • a communication channel with the writer directly
  • support 24/7
  • the possibility to pay after the assignment is completed

Also, read the refund policy attentively. After you narrow down the list of platforms, proceed with the next step.

Step 2: Check Reviews

Finding a writing service is not a problem these days. The companies with strong SEO and marketing teams are guaranteed to be in the top Google results (after those who paid for ads, obviously). However, those do not always guarantee the best essay writing services you can find out there. So, consider asking for recommendations from your friends and classmates who use such services and look for recommendations at sites like Quora, NoCramming, and so on.

Independent reviews and personal feedback will show you all the pros and cons of the service you’d like to use. Be ready that you won’t find a perfect option, though. Clients will be clients. Some may put 3 stars out of 5 with a comment like “the formatting was a bit off” when leaving a review on a decently written dissertation. So, pay attention to the repeating problems described by customers. They might not be really important to you or vice versa.

Step 3: Find a Suitable Writer

Any decent academic writing service provides customers with information about their writers’ areas of knowledge and experience. Some even share a kind of database a customer can go through to find the writer’s:

  • id and/or nickname (confidentiality of both clients and writers is one of the top priorities)
  • academic degree
  • samples
  • number of completed papers
  • years of experience
  • subject areas
  • reviews, and so on.

In other cases, support representatives can give you all the necessary details about the writer you’d like to work with and even find the most suitable one based on your needs. Some companies offer an option to chat directly with the expert before hiring them.

Whatever it is, use the opportunity to find the professional for your assignment. Also, mind that hiring a dissertation writer to complete a case study is not always the best option. Even though they are well-versed in writing and have experience in dissertation writing, they may make a simple paper too rigid and complex.

Step 4: Prepare and Share Instructions

Before sharing instructions with the assistant you hired, go through them yourself. Make sure there are no contradictory recommendations and outlines or odd information.

Neat guidelines are 80% of the success and guarantee that the writer won’t have to rewrite a bunch of pages just because there was a typo in a document.

If the teacher didn’t provide you with detailed instructions, it’s better to ask them directly and at least clarify the structure to follow. In case your teacher knows your writing style too well, make sure to provide your assistant with a couple of your papers for them to copy the style.

Step 5: Place the Order

Here, you won’t have much to do, just be attentive. Setting the deadline a couple of days earlier than the real one, indicating the formatting style, and the rest of the nitty-gritty influence the outcomes a lot. If these aspects are taken care of, first of all, you don’t receive constant questions about minor things or, even more, calls from support representatives because the writer can’t reach you.

Second, such things as the formatting may seem minor, but they actually earn students extra points and take a lot of time to rework. Finally, choosing the wrong type of service may cost you an additional payment if you notice it too late.


Step 6: Pay For the Paper

The coolest writing services let you pay only upon the completion of the paper, so it might be the last step as well. However, there are also other companies that charge you as you place the order. If they use a credible payment system like Stripe or PayPal, it’s totally okay to pay in advance.

Step 7: Keep in Touch

Not all instructions make sense from the very beginning, so questions may arise as the paper is being developed. In some cases, the writer won’t be able to proceed with the task without your clarification. That is why you should check the chat with the assigned writer from time to time; the sooner you respond, the better.

Academic assistants often provide drafts to show the progress. That is how clients can know for sure that they are moving in the right direction. So, do read those to indicate the issues in a timely manner and save both your and the writer’s time and effort. For the same purpose, when your deadline gets extended or new instructions from your professor appear, notify the writer as soon as possible.

Final Word

Finally, if you need any corrections, ask for a revision. In case you are satisfied with the final outcome, save the writer’s id to address them in the future. A lot of regular customers stick to the professionals they’ve accustomed to working with, which is best for both sides and reduces the chances of miscommunication. However, you will have to hire a different expert at some point, and who knows, maybe they will earn you even better grades!

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