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In these days the attention at international level is all on the possible conflict between Russia and Ukraine. An attack by Russia against Ukraine would in fact provoke a conflict that would involve several world countries including the United States and most of the European Union. But in a possible conflict between Russia vs Ukraine, how many military and armed forces are there in the two states?

Ukraine Russia war

In the event of an eventual war between the two countries, net of support from the various nationals, which of Russia and Ukraine has more military?

Russia is the third largest nation in the world by budget spent, in dollars, on defense. Russia’s spending is $154 billion. Ukraine, on the other hand, has an expenditure of just under $12 billion, according to the latest estimates. While Russia is in third place globally, Ukraine is in 20th. Made 100 the sum of the budget, 92% is of Russia and only the remaining 8% of Ukraine.

Even in terms of armed forces the situation is disproportionate. On the one hand, Russia has 850 thousand active military personnel, while Ukraine has a figure of 200 thousand. The data on the “reserve” personnel are similar, 250 thousand for both countries. However, the paramilitary forces again have different balances. There are 250 thousand for Russia while only 50 thousand for Ukraine. Russia is in 11th position worldwide while Ukraine is 27th.

Armed Forces: Russia vs Ukraine

Spending and force data are favorable to Russia. And in terms of means? Again, the situation seems decidedly more unbalanced in Russia’s favor. In terms of fighter aircraft, Russia is the third largest power in the world. It has 772 of them. Ukraine has 69. Also in terms of attack helicopters the situation is definitely different. There are 544 attack helicopters in Russia and 34 in Ukraine. Russia is the second global power while Ukraine is in 18th. Even in the other parameters – submarines for example – the figure is 70 to 0 for Russia.

Where is Ukraine?

One of the most researched questions, somewhat across the globe is. Where is Ukraine? Ukraine is the 35th most populous nation in the world. As of December 1, 2021, it had 41,208,106 inhabitants: 0.52% of the planet’s total.

The capital of Ukraine is Kyviv. 77.8% of the population is Ukrainian, 17.3% Russian and 4.9% other nationalities. However, this figure is updated to 2001 when Crimea had not yet been invaded by Russia.

The first presidential election took place on December 1, 1991 where 90% of voters supported Ukraine's independence after being part of the Soviet Union for decades.

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