News and live camera from Ukraine

Live webcam 14 April from Kiev and Ukraine

Live news from Kiev and Ukraine

Russian forces have in recent days intensified attacks in major cities in Ukraine. The worst hit city in the last 48 hours has been Kharkiv. The number of victims of the conflict to date is over 2,000.

Here are some of the main news from Kyiv and Ukraine. For convenience we will use the time zone of Ukraine.

Cargo ship exploded

​An Estonian cargo ship, Helt, sank off the Ukrainian coast near Odessa after an explosion. Two crew members were reportedly able to rescue themselves while four are missing.

Negotiations will resume at 2 p.m. local time

2 p.m. is the scheduled starting time for the negotiations. The first day of negotiations had not brought many results.

President Zelensky: Ukraine will continue to stand against Russi

Ukraine will continue to defend itself from Russian troops encroaching on key cities a week after the invasion began, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his latest Facebook address. 

The “first hours and days” of “full-scale war” were “really difficult,” he said, but Ukrainians were “united, and therefore strong, and therefore we persevered. And so it will continue. We continue to stand.” (Source CNN)

What is the status of Kiev?

During the night four explosions were heard in the city of Kiev. The situation seems to be ‘standing still’ pending negotiations.

Arrests continue in Russia

According to various estimates there have been more than 7,600 arrests in Russia since the start of the protests.

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