Is Covid over?

Several times since February 2020 around the world we have asked ourselves: is Covid over? The Coronavirus pandemic that began with the first cases in China in December 2019 at a distance is actually still present worldwide. In the last week of July alone, the average daily case count is 781,845. While the number of cases is still definitely high around the world what has decreased is the number of daily deaths. In total the average for the last seven days is 1400 deaths. A figure that still remains high but represents the lowest figure since March 2020. Is covid Over? We see it together in today’s article.

Covid Cases 2022

One thing we know for sure. The pandemic will remain in the history books that our children and grandchildren read. In fact, covid-19 caused for the first time in history a pandemic that affected all-if not nearly all-countries on the Planet. The total victims worldwide were more than 6 million (more than one-tenth the population of Italy). A total of 555,228,007 cases of Covid-19 were reported worldwide. Almost twice the population of the United States. But what is the situation today, in 2022? How are the infections going and how many victims are there? As of July 4, 2022, total new covid cases were +485,544. Among the nations with the highest number of cases on this date, the top nation in the world is Germany. In fact, the German nation had a total of +147,489 new infections. Almost one-third of the total number of new infections. In second position, globally among the nations with the most new cases of Covid-19 is Italy-one of the first states affected by the pandemic-which had new cases with +36.282. In third place, however, was Brazil with +33.833. After months of fore difficulties to have decreased are new cases in India and the United States. On July 4, +14.224 new cases were reported in India and +13.317 in the United States. Many will therefore ask: is Covid over?

While the number of cases globally still remains high, as mentioned nearly 500,000 worldwide, the number of victims is a far cry from the figures we were witnessing a few months or years ago. On the last available day the total number of victims was +834. In total worldwide the figure came to 6,362,418. But while the figure is still high, positive scenarios can be seen here as well. In fact, there is to be considered that in many countries in Europe and America, much of the bans to stop the pandemic have been lifted.

How long does covid last

A first question that is much sought after concerns the duration of Covid-19. How long does covid last? The question is not an easy one to answer. The reason is easily explained. New subvariants of the coronavirus are definitely quick to reproduce, and in any case, when Covid-19 is taken, it is not possible to come to know immediately what type of variant has been taken. The worst symptoms-according to various research-should be between five and ten days. These are the days when you should also be most careful because it is easy to infect other people. Once the symptoms are over and the fever is over for 24 hours, isolation can be left after five days, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But in any case, mask use is recommended for an additional five days. Clearly, depending on the choices of countries, the standards may change. But these can be considered “general lines” of good behavior.

Can dogs get Covid?

One of the even more searching questions now is this: Can dogs get Covid? The first answer to be given is that there is no scientific evidence to date that dogs, cats, or other domestic animal species are entities capable of spreading the Covid-19 virus. There are very rare cases of pets being infected after being in close contact with humans. In any case, if a human has caught covid-19, it is always recommended that proper care be taken.

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