Data on refugees from Ukraine – Update 7 April

The war between Russia and Ukraine is causing a humanitarian crisis. Many people are leaving the country to escape the war. But how many refugees have left Ukraine so far? And what are the destination countries?

Refugees from Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine is causing – like any war here to read more – a large number of refugees. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates the number of refugees on 7 April 2022 at 4,316,928. But what are the main destinations for refugees from Ukraine?

The first nation in terms of the number of refugees as of 7 April 2022 is Poland. Poland has already seen more than 2,514,504 refugees arrive on its territory since 24 February. Among the first nations in the world there are also Romania with 662,751 and Hungary with 404,021. Republic of Moldova and Russia followed with 401,704 and 350,632. Among the chosen destinations, albeit to a small extent, there is also Slovakia with 1302,147 refugees and Belarus with 18,060. With a value above 304,000 people we also find the other European nations: 183,668.

Refugees from Ukraine by day

On March 6, the number of 200 thousand refugees departed from Ukraine was exceeded. On April 7 the figure stood at around 193 thousand people. In general, this figure seems to be growing day by day.

By analyzing the data on refugees who left Ukraine, it is also possible to know how many are currently residing in Ukraine. According to estimates on January 1, 2022 the number of residents in Ukraine was 41,167,366 (excluding Crimea and Sevastopol). If we take away from these figures the 4,316,928 refugees (as of April 7) then the figure falls below 37 million. Thus, at present there appear to be 18,5 million inhabitants in Ukraine. If the flow of refugees were to continue in these two days then the number would drop below 35 million.

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