COVID-19 Vaccinations in the U.S. by State

Covid-19 vaccinations also started in the United States a few weeks ago. Precisely on December 14, 2020, the first dose of vaccine was administered. In many European states, the first dose was instead administered on December 27. But what is the number of vaccinations in the United States? Which are the states with the highest number of doses vaccinated in total and how many in proportion to the population? In this new article we are going to see, with articles and tables, all the most important data about vaccination in the USA.

The United States compared to the rest of the world

Let’s start by answering an initial question. How many doses of Covid-19 vaccine are administered worldwide? According to updated data, as of January 21, there were 57 million and 290 thousand doses administered. Of these, 17.5 million are in the United States and 15 million in China. They are followed by Great Britain, which came first compared to the European Union with almost 6 million, and Israel with 3.36. The first European country in absolute terms is Germany with 1.5 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine administered.

Obviously, the absolute data are partial. For this reason, in addition to the total doses vaccinated, it is interesting to analyze the doses administered per 100 inhabitants. This video reads as follows: the United States on January 6, 2021 have a figure of 1.6. This means that for every 100 inhabitants in America on January 6, 1.6 had been vaccinated.

To get a comparison on the doses administered per 100 inhabitants I made this video a few days ago. In the video are shown the first 15 countries in the world for doses administered of Covid-19 vaccine.

In this case, the nation with the highest number of doses administered turns out to be Israel. The latest updated data of this nation tells us that over 34 out of 100 inhabitants are vaccinated. Following the United Arab Emirates and only then UK and USA. The United States (updated to January 21, 2021) has a value of 5.30. Out of 100 people more than 5 are vaccinated.

Administered Doses of Covid-19 Vaccine in US States

After looking at the performance of the United States compared to the rest of the world in this chapter we will go on to look at the distribution of doses administered state by state. Obviously, in absolute terms, the State with the highest number of doses administered is Caliophnia. As of January 22nd the doses administered are in fact 321,839. This is followed by Texas with 230,596 and New York State with 142,005. The distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine follows the distribution of the population in the United States. In fact, California, Texas and New York State are the top 3 states by population in the US.

Again, in addition to the absolute data, it is interesting to analyze the data on the total population. To do this we will first look at the percentage data for each state on the first dose administered. In the second map, instead, we will analyze the data as a percentage for each person who finished the vaccine doses.

In this case, Alaska, West Virginia, and Connecticut are the top 3 states. In Alaska over 9% of the population has received at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine. This is followed by West Virginia with 8.11% and Connecticut in third place with 6.98%. It is evident how, since the total number of doses of vaccine administered is still low, the absolute value affects the population with more inhabitants. If we take California as an example, the vaccinated population is 3.74%. In Florida, however, the figure is higher at 5.52%.

Finally, the latest data: what is the percentage population that has been “fully” vaccinated?

If we go to take the percentage of vaccinated population (doses completed) by state in America in this case West Virginia is first with 1.98%. This is followed by Alaska with 1.88% of the total and in third place is North Dakota with 1.63%. South Dakota with 1.56%, New Mexico with 1.4% and some eastern states like Vermont and Maine also have fairly high figures.

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