Covid-19 Deaths per Million people – Top 15 States (March to 5 August)

This video shows the top 15 states by number of deaths due to Covid-19 for every million inhabitants. Unlike the absolute data videos, this video shows the data on coronavirus deaths per million inhabitants, giving those who see the video a more accurate figure of the impact in the individual.

Top 15 States – Covid-19 Deaths per million people

In this article/video the number of deaths per million inhabitants due to Covid-19 is analysed. Different from the absolute data on the number of deaths due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the data per 1 million inhabitants allow a more correct comparison.

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As of 5 August, the country with the highest number of people is Belgium: every 1 million inhabitants, about 850 people died from Covid-19. In second place follows Great Britain with 683.44 and in third place Peru with 613.56. In total out of the 15 nations 8 are from Europe 7 from America.

Evolution of Covid-19 Deaths

As you can see from the video on March 1st the first nation for covid deaths per million inhabitants was China, with 2 deaths per 1 million inhabitants followed by Iran and Italy. Over the months, European countries such as Italy, Spain, France and the Netherlands occupied the top positions. Since April, however, the growth of Belgium has been very strong and in less than 4 months this state has gone from less than 100 deaths per million inhabitants to 850 deaths per million inhabitants.

Trump on US coronavirus deaths

Recently in an interview with Jonathan Axios, a political report aired on HBO and shared a lot about social media, America’s President Donal Trump said that the United States has better numbers than other nations in terms of coronavirus deaths.

The truth is that Trump was not so much referring to the fact that it is reported in this video, that is, the deaths per 1 million inhabitants, but to the deaths by number of infections. A figure certainly important, but not as clear and useful as the ratio of deaths per 1 million inhabitants that allows a clearer comparison on the impact of Covid-19 with similar parameters.

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Source: Worldometers