Covid-19 Cases in U.S. – Evolution of 15 States with More Cases ? New Update until 18 August

Covid-19 Cases in U.S. What’s the Covid-19 situation in the US? Which are the 15 states in America with the highest number of Coronavirus cases? What are the total cases? In this new article an in-depth look at the Coronavirus in the USA and its evolution in the states with the highest number of cases.

Coronavirus in the U.S. In the next few days there will be 6 million cases

The United States is currently the country with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world. As of August 18, there were 5,655,974 cases registered in all the USA. On the last day alone, the increase was +43,999 new cases with Texas having +7,782, California +5,350 and Florida +5,838.
As it is easy to predict if data will continue to grow in this way within 8 days in the United States the number of cases will reach 6 million.

States in the U.S. with the highest cases of Coronavirus

What are the states with the most coronavirus cases in the USA? As of 18 August 2020 the state with the highest number of cases in the United States of America is California. This state has reached 640,420 coronavirus cases and 11,522 victims out of a total of 175,074. In second place is Florida with 579.92 total cases and 9,764 victims and in third place is Texas with 579,489 cases of Coronavirus and 10,298 victims due to Covid-19. The State of New York, which for months has been in first place for the number of Coronavirus cases since a few weeks, has been surpassed by these 3 States. From 17 to 18 August in New York, the increase in cases was +718. In general, the USA continues to be one of the world’s leading nations in terms of the number of daily cases.

The 15 States in America with the highest number of coronavirus cases

As of 18 August, the total number of Covid cases is 5,655,974. The first 15 States by number of cases are: California with 640,420. Florida with 579,932. Texas with 579,489. New York with 456,834. Georgia with 241,677. Illinois with 210,926. Arizona with 194,920. New Jersey, 193,975. North Carolina with 147,897. Louisiana with 139,125. Tennessee with 135,778. Pennyslvania with 130,286. Massachusetts with 124,063. They close the Top 15 Alabama with 110,361 and Ohio with 109,943 cases of Coronavirus.

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