Coronavirus in Australia – Timeline Cases by States

In this new article an in-depth look at Covid-19 in Australia. Australia is one of the countries in the world that has managed to better contain the Coronavirus. In fact, although it is the 56th nation in the world for population with more than 25 million inhabitants, it is at 94th place for number of cases.

Coronavirus in Australia

As of November 17 the total cases of Covid-19 in Australia are 27756. Most of these are in the State of Victoria which has 20345 total cases. In second place New South Wales with 4502 and third Queensland. All other States have less than 1000 cases. The increase in cases from October 17 to November 17 was only 369 cases.

Victoria is the state with more cases and more tests than Australia

Going to analyze the data with some new variables it is possible to better understand the phenomenon. Victoria, the state with more cases than Australia is also the state that has performed the most tests. New South Wales, the second state for number of tests, has about 1/4 of the cases of the State of Victoria. A trivial explanation can be given by the density of the area, although Australia Capital Territory which has an area of only 2358 km2 has only 115 cases in total. Also in terms of victims Victoria is the first State with 819. Currently the active cases are more present in New Sotuh Wales, 19, and South Australia with 35.

Is Australia winning the challenge with the Covid-19?

All over the world there is much discussion about the Australian model. Although Australia is a potentially borderless state, it has shown that the virus can be contained. To get an idea in Italy the cases of Covid-19 only yesterday were higher (32919) than the total of the entire Australia since the beginning of the pandemic.
Despite a first acceleration in the months of March and April, the virus has started to decrease thanks to the lockdown choices. From October 17 to November 17 the cases have increased from about 27400 to 27756. A very low increase.

Data source and useful links

Data source: JHU CSSE, Healt Gov AU, Wikipedia.

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