Coronavirus Cases in U.S. – Evolution of 15 States with more Cases

How many cases of Coronavirus in the USA? What are the top 15 states with the highest number of Covid-19 cases? What is the trend of cases in the U.S.? Let’s see it together in this new analysis.

The number of Coronavirus Cases in the U.S. is constantly increasing

Let’s start by answering the first question. How many cases of Coronavirus in the United States? As of August 24th the cases of Coronavirus in the U.S. are 5,915,630. The United States is still today the first country in the world even if India is currently the state with the highest daily cases. In the last month the cases have increased by about 1,700,000. While compared to June 23, cases have increased by about 3,400,000 cases.

The 15 States in the USA with the highest number of Coronavirus Cases

And now let’s move on to the second theme. Which are the states in America with the highest number of cases? The first position is occupied by California with 676,223 cases. California has seen in the last month the number of cases increase by almost 250,000, thus surpassing New York. In second position there is Texas with 607,608 and in third position Florida with 602,224. In fourth place instead New York that for months was the first state for number of cases of Coronavirus. Then there are other states such as Georgia, Illinois that exceed 200,000 cases. To be noted is the number of cases in New Jersey. After a very strong development of the virus in the first months, the data have become more and more stable.

By the end of August in the United States 6 million cases of Coronavirus

And finally the last question: what is the Covid-19 trand in the USA? According to simple calculations in the next few days, and therefore by the month of August, the 6 million cases will be exceeded in the USA. Currently, the increase in cases is slightly lower than in recent months. The increase in cases on August 24 is in fact 41.484 cases compared to 78.587 on July 24. It will be interesting to see how the cases will develop in the coming days and weeks to understand how and how the pandemic will evolve in the United States of America.